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    Question about 21 Oct hotfix

    Protection Paladins are now eligible to receive plate armor with Haste via person loot (Raid Finder and Flexible difficulty) and bonus rolls (all difficulty modes) from Siege of Orgrimmar and Ordos.
    Does this mean that we dont have to change loot spec to retri?
    Or is it just certain items with haste that doesnt have crit on them that we can get in Protection now also?

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    Certain items with haste (and no crit) are available in prot spec now. For players who understand what gear drops where and how to max their chances to get what they want, this is probably a nerf. For everyone else it is a buff. It means for those bosses you rolled tank on (shields basically) there is probably now haste gear added in to the prot gear and it inflates the loot table for prot.

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    That's what I thought. Been alot extra work with optimizing your gear chance when switching between retri/prot loot all the time.

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    The items now available on the Protection roll are:

    Siege of Orgrimmar - using the non-heroic non-warforged stats (item level 553):
    Bubble-Burst Bracers (623 Haste / 861 Hit)
    Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets (941 Haste / 950 Mastery / red+blue.120str)
    Darkfallen Shoulderplates (899 Haste / 981 Mastery / 2xblue.120str)
    Demolisher's Reinforced Belt (950 Haste / 950 Mastery / red+yellow.120str)
    Legplates of Unthinking Strife (1288 Haste / 1232 Mastery / 2xblue+red.120str)
    Poisonbinder Girth (824 Haste / 1025 Hit / red+blue.120str)
    Thranok's Shattering Helm (1288 Haste / 1232 Mastery / meta+blue.180str)

    Ordos - are all non-heroic warforged (item level 559):
    Magdalena's Murderous Crown (1310 Haste / 1369 Mastery / meta+blue.180str)
    Partik's Purified Legplates (1274 Haste/ 1390 Mastery / yellow+blue.120str)
    Remnar's Ruinous Girdle (1104 Haste / 850 Hit / yellow+blue.120str)
    Rossi's Rosin-Soaked Shoulderplates (1058 Haste / 929 Mastery / red+blue.120str)
    Vanguard's Burly Bracers (640 Hit / 921 Haste)
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