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    Stop casting macro

    hi guys im after a macro that i can use in pvp that will stop casting steady shot/cobra shot.

    I thought a simple macro like /stopcasting would do it, but steady shot continues to cast

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    You have to put it twice on two lines, like this.

    /cast whatever ability you want.

    Hope it helps!

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    To elaborate on what Chubbz said, hunters have this unique problem of needing to stop TWO things. The first /stopcasting stops our auto-attack (which is what melee use /stopcasting macros for), and the second /stopcasting stops our current cast (which is what ranged use their stopcasting macros for).

    Any time you want to stopcasting a CoS/SS, you need the double /stopcasting.

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    Brilliant thanks alot guys, i was running with one stopcast. Thought i was losing my sanity when it didnt work

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