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    people who make repeated borderline infractable topics

    I got the impression that a small subsection of posters (not many, 3-4 at the most) are making these inane, sometimes offensive, sometimes trolling, always just-not-infractable threads. I'm not going to post any names since that could get me into trouble, but to give an example of such a thread: one of the threads was about the creator's porn audition. It's that kind of threads i'm talking about: they are not infractable per se, the OP always defends himself stating he is not trolling, I never see the OP getting infracted in his OP (no red cards), but the thread always has a controversial topic which often isn't appropriate. the threads get anywhere from a handful of replies to a dozen pages worth. Now, I know that i'm one to talk given that i've made a few threads in the past concerning beastiality, incest and written child pornography, but those weren't to discuss those topics themselves, but to discuss some weird laws from my homecountry concerning them. the threads which I'm bothered by are nearly always meant to discuss the inappropriate topic itself, not a related topic which has more grounds for discussion.

    could you look into this and take into account the history of a poster when judging their offense?
    Because of the high frequency of negativity and overall "my class/race/faction sucks" (both for IRL and ingame issues) across all boards, I have reverted to primarily lurking and only posting when I need help. I'm hoping this can be fixed, but if I don't do this, I will likely end up depressed and disgusted with humanity as a whole.

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    If you see threads/posts come up that you feel are breaching the rules, please report them.

    All moderators of that forum, as well as Global Moderators, and Administrators will be able to see it, and act accordingly after gathering context.
    If you have concerns about habitual patterns like you describe, please note that in the Report.

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