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    [Mage] Post your keybinds.

    I think we need a thread for posting key-bind set ups that other people use.

    I use

    I have sdf set up as movement keys. 's' is rotate left, 'd' is move forward shift 'd' is move backwards, and f is rotate right. I have found that you don't really need to walk back wards that often, and why bother with a strafe key when you can hit right mouse button. Also any keys like z, c, y, ect.. that have default keybinds i have added ether a ctrl, shift, or alt modifier to: example Alt+c opens character window.

    The way i use my keybind set up is based on how you type with the left hand. You have your hand on asdf at all times and you set up your keybinds in a decreeing distance priority system. This means that you put your most used/most important spells closest to home row. You place anything you don't often use or that has a cd farthest away.

    I like to put my dps cds on 1234 and my main dps, healing, and tank spells on qwerty, ag, and zxcvb. I personaly like to put my movement abilities on 'a'. So on my mage it is blink, my warrior is heroic leep/shift charge/alt intervene. I like to place my surviblity cd's on z and x since it is close to my movement spells.

    Well that pretty much explains how i use my keybinds and how i set them up. Have fun ether adapting or improving on this set up.
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    The topic kinda rubbed me in the wrong way, so went in and changed it. As for sticky request, I'll let this float as a normal thread for a while, but I don't see the usefulness of a sticky for keybinds as they tend to be really personalized. And even your keyboard and handsize play a huge role in it. And your mouse.

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    ..1 2 3 4 5 6
    ..Q W E R T
    .............F G

    I guess that looks somewhat like a keyboard layout. These are the binds that I use. Shift and ctrl are combined with all but <. I use ASDZXC for movement when I'm lazy / playing with one hand.

    Edit: and now I realize it's the mage forum. Well, whatever.
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    1 through =

    q e r f g x

    Shift + f/g/z/x/c/v/b/space bar

    F1 - F12

    w a s d

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    Q,E, WASD

    All the buttons on my Naga.

    Now I also use a lot (most) of these keys with modifiers (alt,shift,ctrl) which multiplies the amount of binds.

    I REALLY should just unbind A, D, Z, X, C and finally use them for abilities but I just never have, lol. They're still the default Blizzard binds.

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    i use a razer naga
    judgement 1, cs 2, exo 3, hotr 4, tv 5, hammer of wrath 6, exec sentence 7, inq 8, divine storm 9, blinding light 0, aura mastery -, mini bubble =

    Burst macro cds shift1, potion shift2, flash of light shift3, rebuke shift4, fist of justice shift5, shift6 (dont remember), speed of light shift7, arcane torrent shift8, pvp trink shift9, cleanse shift0, hand of freedom shift-, lock rock shift=

    mounts are on numpad- and +
    got more, but i think thats too much lol.
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    12345 <- Alt on all of these
    Mouse wheel up, down
    Alt mousewheel up, down
    Q, E, R, T, Y, F, G, H, Z, X, C, V <- Alt on all of these
    ` <- With alt modifier also
    Numpad 1 through 9 on naga.

    And yes, all of them are used and I could do with more
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    1-4, F1, F2, Q, W, E, R

    No Modifiers or an 'Alt' Modifier for all main rotational spells/cds

    Shift/Ctrl Modifiers for utility only spells, mounts, defensive CDs, etc.

    I use Bartender to set up 6 action bars.

    The bottom 3 line up like a keyboard to correctly indicate the positions of Q/W/E/R under 1-4 which are then under F1/F2 and will contain default + Ctrl modifier, immediately above these 3 action bars are another 3 identical in horizontal set out but with Alt modifiers on the Left and Shift modifiers on the right.

    I then use my razer naga for movement.

    1 -- 2 -- 3
    4 -- 5 -- 6

    1 = Left Strafe, 2 = Move Forward, 3 = Right Strafe, 4 = Turn Left, 5 = Move Backwards, 6 = Turn Right

    10 = Mark Skull, 11 = Mark Cross, 12 = Mark Square

    Tab = Switch Targets
    F = Assist Target (Default anyway i guess)
    ~ (The key on the left of 1) = Auto Run

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    numpad1234578 (naga)
    Retired from WoW.

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    I move with sdf
    spells are -- 2345
    ------------- werty
    ----------- a(sdf)gh
    ------------ zxcvb
    With shift-everything as well except S-h (it's too far to reach). Also 6 mouse buttons (naga) and the mouse wheel. Q is my push-to-talk.
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    I have binded

    Shift 1-6
    Shift + QERTSFGZXV
    Alt + 1-6
    Shift W
    Ctrl W
    Plus like 6 mouse buttons

    I still have W, A, and D as movement keys but I normally move with the mouse and use right click + A,D to strafe

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    The topic kinda rubbed me in the wrong way, so went in and changed it. As for sticky request, I'll let this float as a normal thread for a while, but I don't see the usefulness of a sticky for keybinds as they tend to be really personalized. And even your keyboard and handsize play a huge role in it. And your mouse.
    It's so people looking to set up a different lay out for their key binds can get some ideas from other people. It is good to share ideas who knows what you may decide to change about your own key binds.
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    wad - movement
    q - fireball
    e - pyro
    r - bomb
    s - scorch
    f - inferno blast

    then I use 1234 zxcvgt and shift versions of all of the above for the rest of my keybinds.

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    Shift 1 - Shift = ------------ Shift Q - Shift ]
    1 - = --------------------- K*, then 11 clickable buttons

    * Little note about "K": K is bound to my "Mouse Button 4". Imagine a clickable button to the right of Right Click (where you would rest your ring finger). That's "K". This slot is usually one of my more important spells. As a Mage, it's Evocate for Invocation and Rune of Power. As a Tank, it's usually a Taunt, as a healer, it's usually one of my more important heals (like Healing Rain for a Shaman)

    (Right Bar) Ctrl Q - Ctrl P, last two keys are just [ and ], and Ctrl U is usually used by moving my Mouse Wheel to the right
    (Right Bar 2) Ctrl A - Ctrl ', last key is I, and Ctrl J is usually used by moving my Mouse Wheel to the left; Ctrl S is unbound because that's my Time Warp key, and there have been many a time when I've used it in bad situations >_>

    Here's a picture so you can see all the binds:

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    1-12, mouse 3, mouse 4, mouse 5

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    Just took a picture of my action bar:

    Shift+ Q/W/E
    Shift+ 1-5
    Shift+ A/R
    Control 1+2
    1 - 6

    Are the ones I actively use, anything I else I just click that you can see on my action bars.

    EDIT: Apparently I still have my Mana Gem button out from being Arcane. That is a waste of a button...
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    Scroll Wheel Up/Down
    Alt+ 1,2,3,4,R
    Shitf+ 1,2,3,4,R
    Naga 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
    F1, F2, F3, F4, F5

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    lol keybinds... for me it's such a waste of time and energy to keybind every little detail and a total fun element downer... that being said, I bound a few practical stuff:

    1-8 on the keyboard from the normal action bar 1
    Mouse button 3 = blink
    Mouse button 4 = Rune of Power
    Shift + Mouse Button 4 = Ice Block which I never remember I have

    And when I play pvp I have the Elemental's Freeze bound on the Tilda.
    My magic will tear you apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    Shift + Mouse Button 4 = Ice Block which I never remember I have
    I always remember Ice Block, because it's Shift -. Greater Invisiblity I NEVER remember (or never care to remember) because it's Shift I XD

    I totally need to move some stuff around, especially Spellsteal which is my 5 key or Frost Nova which is my 7, and both are rarely used (but they've been there for YEARS; doubt I could muscle-memory change them :<)

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    alt q,w,e,r,d,f,`,1,2,3, x,c
    shift x,z,c,d,f
    scroll up, down, middle click
    naga 123456
    still need more x_______x

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