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    Weak Auras 2 - Crashes WoW


    I have some problems with my WA. Everytime I try to config them ( /wa) the Addon loads for a few seconds and then crashes.
    All my Auras seem to work while playing but I can't configure them anymore.
    I tried deleting the wtf files and it seemed to work, but obviously all my WA are gone then.
    Is there a way to get hold of my old WA?


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    if you deleted the files without first having a backup then I'm afraid your weakauras are gone.

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    I obviously made a backup. I just tested if WA would work again if those files are deleted. But with the old files it always crashes when I type /wa

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    you can try editing the weakauras.lua file in your savedvariables.

    Inside that file you will see a structure similar to:

    WeakAurasSaved = {
    	["login_squelch_time"] = 5,
    	["registered"] = {
    	["frame"] = {
    		["xOffset"] = -26.99964103538014,
    		["width"] = 629.9999342114757,
    		["height"] = 491.9999909728844,
    		["yOffset"] = -368.9998794332968,
    	["tempIconCache"] = {
    		["Aura1"] = "Interface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_Aspiration",
    		["Aura2"] = "Interface\\Icons\\ability_thunderking_overcharge",
    	["displays"] = {
    		["Aura1"] = {
    			...... Aura Details Here
    		["Aura2"] = {
    			...... Aura Details Here
    		["Aura3"] = {
    			...... Aura Details Here
    You could manually add in your weak auras from your backed up file into this saved variables file until you find the aura causing your problem.

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