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    Why don't you raid normal/heroic?

    Simple Thread - Why don't you raid the harder difficulties?

    Recently, a point has been raised that the most casual form of raiding (LFR) takes the longest to complete when compared against flexible and normal. A structured group can clear the other easier difficulties in a much quicker time frame reaping far greater rewards.

    So, why don't you partake in structured raiding?

    Can you not commit to any form of schedule, be it a small commitment or large?
    Are you not interested in the harder difficulties in a game?
    Can you not find other players to raid with?
    Are you afraid of, or personally not good enough to participate in the harder difficulties?
    Do the rewards, and the prospect of a stronger character not interest you?

    This thread may not be applicable to you, but feel free to discuss.

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    All of the reasons you listed except 4 basicly.

    i do join normal and flex pugs, but i see no reason to establish myself as a raider when i can just as much fun, or even more without an established raid schedule

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    Simple: I just can't be bothered to deal with a raiding guild.

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    Well while doing JUST LFR has it's downsides, so does raiding with a guild.
    For me personally the downsides of raiding pure LFR are smaller than raiding with a guild.

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    I used to love dedicated raiding. But naturally you just cant keep doing it. I now work a full time job, work a second one to give me extra money, and i'm about to go back to school fulltime. There's no way I could dedicated 10-15 hours more time just to raid in wow. I'm lucky if i get to play 3 hours a week.
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    Guild drama, cba with that shit
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    I'm up every day at 0530 and finish work at 1600. I do enough work without having to comit to a full time raiding guild.

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    I don't feel like dedicating more than 1 night / week for organized game activities. It's quite rare to find a guild that adheres to such an admittedly lax schedule.

    There's also the fact that, as selfish as it sounds (and it is), once I kill a raid boss, I'm rarely motivated to go back. Gear simply isn't all that important to me. The only reason I went to ToT more than once, for example, was because of the legendary quest line.

    Currently chipping away at flex wing 3.
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    I would never be willing to commit to schedules or specific people. I want to do whatever I feel like when I log in, and not be hindered by other people and their demands. I also get absolutely no thrill out of fighting mobs, so dying over and over to tough ones would just make me angry. And even if I did enjoy that type of thing, I would still only want to beat it once and never do it again. Raiding guilds expect you to grind them afterward, and that would drive me insane.

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    Basically, the first two and in a way, the last one. I'm completely over the whole concept of having to marry into a guild just to play a game. I don't want to deal with strangers on the internet on a regular basis as if they were a part of my regular daily life. I especially don't want to deal with their bullshit, drama, moronic talk, whine and all the other things that naturally come with those "tight-knit" gaming communities.

    I don't wanna plan my life around an in-game schedule, and I don't want to be obliged to log in because a date in the calendar says so.

    I also don't want to learn stupid, overblown "tactics" and lists of abilities, and "perform" any more. It's ridiculous.

    I also don't get a lot of satisfaction out of regularly replacing pieces of gear with slightly upgraded versions of the same thing. I play the game for different reasons and gain satisfaction from different things today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    I would never be willing to commit to schedules or specific people. I want to do whatever I feel like when I log in, and not be hindered by other people and their demands.
    This exactly.
    If I don't feel like raiding, I'd never want to have to.
    There are evenings where I just want to farm something or do pet battles. The thought of still having to kill Boss xyz for the xth time would annoy me.

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    I don't have a guild. I'm currently the only person in the guild I'm in, and none of the guilds in my realm really interest me, so I've not swapped guilds (I might be bass ackwards about this, but I want the guild to impress me before I even attempt joining).

    Even with that I would probably be more interested in flex than normal/heroic.
    There was a time when I could take the 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week time, but now I just don't feel comfortable knowing that I have other things also. I'm a student and I have other hobbies (some of which I also make profit from, meaning I have to be somewhat serious about them) and I also want to hang out with friends (who also don't either raid or play WoW at all -- maybe if we all raided together it would inspire me). With these three things my time with WoW is practically "whenever I have time and energy" which, as you can probably tell, isn't good for raiding. There are days or even weeks I don't log on at all, and sometimes I log for 30 minutes and just run Kara and Strat for mounts or something, and sometimes I have a full/half a day for WoW, and then I can pug Flex or run LFR.

    I can respect the skill and effort the top players put to their gameplay, and wow their gear is so nice too, but that is not for me and I'm happy where I am. Maybe in the future I can get back to raiding, if I find a guild and time, but currently it's not something I can or really even WANT to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHellfire View Post
    I don't want to deal with strangers on the internet on a regular basis as if they were a part of my regular daily life.
    Then why on earth are you playing an MMO ?
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    i do normals, lucky i found a group that raids on weekend morning my time

    i dont have problem sticking with schedules, as other 9 ppl doing same. if they can do it, so can i. beside i love getting gears, i kill things for fun, better gear makes it way cooler.

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    I see it as a game :-) meaning when I log in I do what I want to do at that time. If I don;t want to log in, I won't.... I am not letting anybody make me log in or commit to a schedule for a game. Also I don't want to spend hours on other websites to get information as in how to play a class or which abilities to use untill a certain threshold is reached and then reforge into another stat or whatever.... To me it is a game and it should not feel as if it is a job.

    If i am not good, well so be it then.

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    My guilds raid schedule, plus I don't want to commit 3-4 hours a night 2-3x a week, to playing a game above all other real life social activities. I do our Sunday night flex which is 2-3 hours, and even then I don't commit to being there. I love flex in the fact that people aren't counting on me to be there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allatar View Post
    Then why on earth are you playing an MMO ?
    Because you can play it that way just fine?

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    I am currently on a break from WoW, but will probably return soon, to scheduled, normal, raiding.

    I have a guild of awesome people, they're the kind of people I'd just play any game with, really. Also, being part of a group, working together to accomplish a goal, it excites me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allatar View Post
    Then why on earth are you playing an MMO ?
    Ganking, flaming in /2.

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    Mostly guild drama abauth loot or geting left out on XXX fight. This is why i like flex. I kinda wish they would make same with normal raiding (and they could return 40 man raids also).

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