View Poll Results: Which is the most sought after DPS class for Raiding?

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  • Warrior

    13 1.90%
  • Paladin

    9 1.32%
  • Death Knight

    6 0.88%
  • Rogue

    11 1.61%
  • Monk

    5 0.73%
  • Druid

    21 3.07%
  • Shaman

    14 2.05%
  • Hunter

    29 4.24%
  • Mage

    38 5.56%
  • Warlock

    525 76.75%
  • Priest

    13 1.90%
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    Warlocks and boomkins.
    Warriors if they were ranged to boost the above's already ridiculous damage.

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    The funny thing is I been having hunter and warlock main for over 5 years rofl but I do love the fuck out of my lock more

  3. #83
    Warlocks for ranged, Rogues for melee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilvaldi View Post
    I prefer to bring the player not the class...

    This must be some sort of joke aimed at blizzard :P

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    Warlocks by far, this is not even a fair question.

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    We need moar Warlocks !!

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    warlocks or hunters. just for the buffs they bring. as for healers resto shaman is king. and tanks warriors seem to do well. although that may be because their tier is incredibly strong this patch.

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    Warlocks, Warlocks, Warlock and Warlocks.

    Did I forget to mention Warlocks?

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    Warlocks. People can't seem to get enough of 'em.

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    Warlocks, highest dps of any class. They bring 5% magic debuff, stam + spellpower buff, healthstones, battle ress, amazing survivability.

    It's pretty ridiculous how much utility they bring on top of their dps.

  11. #91
    Well shit, brb rerolling warlock after seeing this thread!

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    Warlocks, no doubt. You can't compete with the massive amount of utilities they bring together with personal abilities that are very good on most, if not all encounters. They're able to dispel themselves, survive one-shot mechanics, bring healthstones, bring magic debuff + 2/8 important raid buffs, they bring gates and most of all, they have awesome dps.

    Hunters are good aswell, but they aren't on the level of warlocks, of course. As someone said, most classes should be able to perform most tasks, not just hunters, but they are very good for add switching, bursting adds, AoE, high movement phases in fights, where there are a lot of in SoO. They are also able to soak one-shot mechanics, quite often at that. They bring an attack power buff AND any other buff that the raid might be missing, which is a huuuuge deal in 10mans. I recon hunters are a lot more valuable in 10mans than 25mans since you often don't have any soaking problem and all buffs are covered most of the time in 25mans. They don't bring anything truly unique to the raid like Warlocks do.

    Rogues would be the top melee for me. Incredible survivability, good raid CDs and they're able to cheese off a lot of abilities during a fight with both Cloak and Vanish.

    I play a mage myself and even though I top meters in my guild, I feel like I bring so much less to the raid than our warlock. I have pretty shitty AoE as a fire mage compared to our lock/hunter/shadow priest combination, so my job every fight is basically to be a boss dps cannon since I don't really bring anything significant other than my dps.

    I hope Blizzard makes a few of the classes more interesting for 6.0, but not enough to force guilds to bring one of every class.

    Whoever voted mage must've based that on some mage they saw in LFR, because we bring BL to 10mans and conjured food for 25mans.
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willfox View Post
    Warlock or Hunter. Hunter has so much utility and is never bad, they excel at melee and ranged fights. Warlocks are tanky as hell, and have great dps
    Actually we have no raid utility at all, compared to warlocks. In terms of pets we have every raid utility thing in the game, BUT, if you have a proper raid group, those things are already covered, and you'd only need them to fill in the last missing piece, like spell haste or magic damage debuff. Combat Res is very useful with the Quilen, but it's covered by our DK and 2 druids.

    In terms of survivability, you either have a 3 min cd, flat 10% redux of damage, or a static percentage self-heal for 3% every few seconds. And deterrence that doesn't work for everything and stops you from attacking. Like a worse paladin bubble. And they have a lot more raid utility then hunters do. AND they can put it on other people.

    What hunters bring is maximum dps even while on a heavy movement fight, or when spellcasting is being stopped a lot, case in point Thok.

    Warlocks and Mages are generally the 2 best dps classes, followed perhaps by DK's. At least per my observation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aveline View Post
    Warlocks. People can't seem to get enough of 'em.
    Indeed, we have a running gag over them not existing because we don't have one now.

    Oh, I guess hunters do have one thing. Feign Death to save time. Yup. Mass Res after FD. Except for Spoils spoiling that one. :I

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    warlock followed by hunter
    warlock just brings everything, hunter because hes ranged and doesn't roll on casterstuff
    + in 10man hunter-buffs can be very importent if you got buffs like spellhaste only once, and the boomkin/ele/shadow has to heal

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    They did a good job rehauling warlocks.

    No other class is designed as well.

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    How in the hell is hunter in 3rd place? Must be a lot of voters stuck on Heroic Siegecrafter.

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    I'm so happy that i jumped ship a few years back if this is what wow has boiled down to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaith View Post
    I'm so happy that i jumped ship a few years back if this is what wow has boiled down to.
    Or you could have just rolled a warlock in those few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
    How in the hell is hunter in 3rd place? Must be a lot of voters stuck on Heroic Siegecrafter.
    What place should they be on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post
    What place should they be on?
    Lower? We don't really have any raid-wide utility, our dps is around middle of the pack, we lack any kind of cleave. Movement is pretty much not a big deal anyway, anybody can move while dpsing.

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