Hello eveyone,

I haven't played WoW in more then a year, and recently (like today) I've started to miss it. So here's a few questions for the people that roam this part of the forum:

I played a fire mage, elemental shaman, resto / balance druid and holy / prot paladin - what are the classes like now? tanking, healing, ranged dps. Just looking for a few general thoughts on how they have changed or how different it is to play them or if you feel like that are weak / strong compared to other classes.

I used a few addons, only remember a few of them: healbot, recount, titan panel, something that took all the money / items from the mailbox and at the end you could see the money you've made - have any of these changed in any major way?

PvP: I healed a lot in PvP (not arena or rated bgs) and did a lot of evil work as a lvl 10-14 with lots of heirlooms. Is there any change to how the lowbie pvp or is it still a few overpowered people and lots of undergeared ones? Can anyone kill a healer one-on-one these days? New battlegrounds, good or bad? How bad is the botting situation?

Dungeons: I liked leveling in dungeons, doing dungeons at lvl 85 and some LFR too. Any news to the low-level-gear-situation or is it still need-need-need for some people? I know that that there's a lot of LFR-hate going on, but all I want to know is how it has changed or how the people treat it in general these days.

I'm sure I have more questions too but that will have to wait :P Greatful for any input!