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    Planning | Elixir of Ancient Knowledge

    Hey all!

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar or have been lucky to pick one of these up, but I'm looking for some help on how to optimize an Elixir of Ancient Knowledge. I recently picked one up, and I'd like to use it on my level 72 Paladin alt. He is in full heirlooms (excluding ring) and has epic flying as well. I've always been hesitant to use the elixir so I'd like a confident answer before I activate it.

    Recently with Hallow's End, I thought about just flying around Kalimdor, Outland, and Northrend and seizing all the candy buckets. Would this be a better alternative than maneuvering around quests/dungeons in Northrend, or should I develop a plan?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Last time I heard farming the troggs in Deepholm was epic with that elixir.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    Last time I heard farming the troggs in Deepholm was epic with that elixir.
    Possibly, but my alt is still level 72 so I'm not sure if I can access Deepholm quite yet :P. Or should I hold off using it right now and wait until I'm in the Cata zones?

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    It really depends on what leveling content you are willing to tolerate. You could use it now and power through Northrend or save it until 80-85.

    Personally I'm going to save mine for 80-85 for my Monk so I can stack heirloom gear, the elixir AND the 50% xp bonus that Monks get for their daily from Peak of Serenity. My biggest reason is because those are the longest levels to work through besides the 85-90 levels, and I don't like Cata leveling outside Vashj'ir.

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