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    Question Norushen 25man strat

    Since we're extending the core from 10man to 25man, i need to know how should i manage people for Norushen.

    Raid comp... 3 tanks, 7 healers, 15 dps ?

    How should people go inside?
    1st tank, 2 dps, 1 heal
    2nd tank, 2 dps, 1 heal
    3rd tank, 2 dps, 1 heal
    ... then repeat? or should the tanks go inside again after they have 75% corruption to soak more?

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    You don't need a 3rd tank. And really in SoO the only fights off hand I can think of where a 3rd tank can be beneficial are Iron Jugg, Shamans, Nazgrim, and Garrosh. 7 healers is massive overkill. We ran 5 for normal and still only use 5 on heroic (we could still meet the enrage on heroic with 6 if we wanted).

    You can probably do normal sending 2 dps at a time because you have at least some SoO gear now, but maybe not if you're taking 3 tanks and 7 healers. We did 3 dps per group on normal the first week though. We also only ever send 1 tank down. We use the healers and the dps who are about to go down to soak.

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    Too much Heals
    Our comp is 3Tanks, 6 heals, and 16 DPS.
    Going in 1st round - 1 tank, 5 DPS
    2nd - 5 DPS (as soon as the 5 adds are dead)
    3rd - 2nd tank and 3 DPS + 1 heal (again as soon as the adds are dead)

    after that it is always 3 DPS and healers as soon the other is out.
    We have about 30s before we hit berserk

    oh Normal Norushen 2 Tanks, 6 heals and normally keep track that your healers gather the corruption and DPS stay clean. going in with 2 DPS at the time is manageable.
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    Thanks for tips, will try in 2 tanks, 6 heals, 17 dps for now.

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