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    Has anyone else experiences what seems to be a weird bug when soaking pools on Heroic Malkorok? I get every Melee pool in our 10man comp and very rarely I will be standing inside the pool and it will still explode. I don't know if it's a bug with having feint up or just some random glitch that happens to everyone, but on multiple occasions over the past few nights I have had my pool look like it exploded with me standing in it.

    I do not stand on the edge.
    I am not using cloak and immuning it.
    I am not lagging.
    I am not retarded.

    I've had multiple people in my group confirm that they saw me standing in the circle and it still exploded. I get there early, stand to the side which is closest to melee but stay within a nice fat part of the circle. I vaguely remember this being an issue on another boss in the past, but cannot remember the specifics. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    It bugs very, very, very rarely. I think we've had it happen twice in total in this tier. We haven't figured out the cause and if it is happening more often for you guys, you should probably fraps it and see if there's something in common happening when they explode.

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    It is definitely rare. MAYBE once or twice TOPS in a full progression night (4 hours of attempts.) We had him down to 11% so I am sure this won't be an issue once we are killing him regularly, but right now during progression when it does pop up that attempt is nearly a total loss. (you CAN actually survive missing one per phase, although it's not really something you want happening.... ever.)

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    Are you jumping into it in the last second?

    A not-very-well-known issue with jumping is that you don't actually move until you hit the ground.

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    I have the very same problem, I went over our footage last night and I have proof of the problem but since this is a new acct I cannot post the link to the video. Can someone PM me that can and I will link it to you so you can put it in here?

    Looks like I cannot PM until 10 posts are made?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Malkorok Twitch Video:

    After going over the footage this is what I have found:

    @ 11:10 Melee explosion, I am in it.

    @ 22:07 Melee explosion, I am in it.

    @ 1:14:23 Melee explosion, I am in it.

    For a reference point on going into puddles you can check out 52:30 and see the time remaining on the explosion and it does not go off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Are you jumping into it in the last second?

    A not-very-well-known issue with jumping is that you don't actually move until you hit the ground.
    Nope. I thought of this too. I typically don't jump when I am moving, and I PURPOSELY get to the puddle extra early in case there was some sort of lag/desync where I thought I was in the pool in time when I actually was not. It was still happening.

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    Happened with me once,it seens to be a rare random bug. Btw you cna imune the explosion no problem if youre inside it its fine, however I prefer cloaking to soak orbs on this fight and just use feint + elusivnes for the soaks.

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    Incredibly rare event, but it does happen. I managed to fraps the time it happened to me, and I don't think anyone believed me prior to it. You aren't crazy, OP!

    The first time it happened to us was when we were progressing on the fight, we were on the 11th of the 12 soaks on the fight with everyone alive. Was devastating!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    This happens when the circle lands on you and you don't move (almost 100%) and also for no reason at all (rare; has only happened to us a handful of time). It's an annoying bug.
    One month necro or not.... here goes:

    I haven't connected it at all to having the pool spawn on you. I've had it spawn on me and it didn't happen, but the three times it happened to us (me), I ran into it.
    Just had to say that - even if that may not be your conclusion - it isn't restricted to having the pool spawn on you.

    This is the third bug I report this tier. The two others are monk related, with Zen Meditation cloning Cutting Laser (invisible) on Iron Juggernaut HC and having the tick timer reset when you roll (on Immersius for example, sometimes you roll through a pool and take 2-3 ticks, while you can just walk through it and take a single tick. Same with the splash shit)

    I'm so glad they let a bug like this slip on an unforgiving fight like Malkorok HC though....
    Also, I can't really understand how a couple of times in a single raid can be seen as rare.
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    My post may have been unclear, but in my experience it happens both when the circle lands on you and you don't move at all and for seemingly no reason at all when you run into it and should have soaked it normally.

    During week 1 progression, it happened maybe 3 times over several hours. Since then, we've had it happen only a few more times. It appears to be all but fixed, though your mileage may vary. We usually don't wipe on this boss anymore even if a pool happens to explode, so we wouldn't take huge notice of the bug even if it did happen.

    The bug sucks, but the boss will eventually fall over if you have solid execution.

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