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    It would have been fixed by now if Blizzard felt strongly against it, especially considering how widespread the 'trick' is.

    E: Whereas it does bypass a part of fight mechanic, in the other hand it relies on skill to pull it off hence the gray area in my book as well.
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    I don't think they'll hotfix it at this point. I think it's like the H-Rag p4 triangle stack method. It makes a certain part of the fight easier, but still requires a modicum of skill/coordination to pull off.

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    It is certainly the most challenging/satisfying job I've had in recent tiers. There's really the feeling of coming through for your raid.

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    may i ask if u r going to disengage to the belt , at which area of the platform u do that cuz seems to me the belt is bit higher of the platform area

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadori View Post
    may i ask if u r going to disengage to the belt , at which area of the platform u do that cuz seems to me the belt is bit higher of the platform area
    Here's a video someone posted in the other thread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dotj9FS7hd8. You don't even have to go all the way up to the tip to do it, but if you do remember to curve in, because there's a glitched area on the outer tip area where you'd just slip off. Remember to have Disengage glyph'ed.
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    The trick is deadly to anyone trying to do it in a hurry where tiny mistake instantly kill you so blizzard don't feel it's their top priority, kinda like keeping some trash before boss alive so you can spellsteal damage buff from add to beat enrage (spiritbinder anyone?). They fixed rogues etc. since all they had to do was press a button and they were safely on the line.

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    We are 3 hunters in our raid so we killed it last monday with the 3 of us on each line +2 rogues or 1 rogue/1 war alternatively and only the 3 of us on the first line under BL and prepot.

    You don't need more dps normally, just a good rotation of your cd (we stampede wave 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12) and dps who can burst.

    I agree it can be somehow considered as a bug exploit but this is kind of tricky and a small mistake results almost always in a wipe and you need a good gestion of your cd, your timing, your dt use as we ar not healed at all.
    I was switching between pets as well (debuff armor on the line, spirit pet for the heal on the platform).
    That's why I guess Blizzard didn't fix it.
    At once hunters can really help their raid.

    Awesome fight anyway...
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