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    Updated models? No.

    Giving Alliance HE's? Yes, on 3 of my 11 90's.

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    Nah, I wouldn't change, I love Night Elves and their lore. Though if they make them extremely unlikable (Doubt it) then maybe I'll switch to undead or human... Depending on how they look.

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    I might actually consider playing human, but as of now they look awful :c

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    Nah. The races I dislike won't be helped by a model update.
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    They'd have to fix racials in the process, and they're too cowardly for that.
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    Depends how human females look after the model update I guess.
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    Probably not. Unless the new models are extremely well done, than I just might on a few of my characters.

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    Depends on how they look, if like Tauren looks better than Orc, then yeah, I'll race change.

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    I guess it depends on the situation, although if Night Elves looked more epic I would probably race change everything to them. I love their lore and in turn love the race xD

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    I'd love to go worgen, I like the way they look and I wouldn't mind the 1% crit.. But fuck me their animations are awful.

    Then again I don't expect them to get an update any time soon... sigh .
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    I have some alts I've gotten tired of playing because they're so ugly, so they're just sitting there waiting for model revamps. If/when things get updated, they could become anything.

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    Possibly. I'd like to play a female human but not in the state they are now.

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    No I like my character the way he looks right now. I really don't even want a new model. I think new character models are a waste of time and money by blizz.

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    I already know some characters I play would get changed eventually, so updated models would make the decision harder. Priest to Pandaren or Tauren, mage is a who-knows-what, and so on. But would it motivate me? Most certainly.

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    Not really, I have my list of loved races - this list is maybe being expanded towards orcs, currently levelling a little one. Else, my list has Blood Elves, Tauren, Goblin, Pandaren, Worgen, Human, Dwarf and Draenei.

    And I will most likely have all my alts like that, though I have to admit that my majority of characters is Blood Elves.
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    I'm very happy with my Night Elf. It suits me. Even if others are updated, I'm still not changing.
    Besides, I'm sure Night Elves will be the second Alliance race to be updated.

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    If they made Tauren look better than Orcs (they aren't, currently, in my opinion), I would be very tempted.
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    I don't really see why people claim it would. A lot of players already play the race they like, or are locked into a race due to the racials anyway.
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