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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    25% done, from the 8 original races+ 2 tbc races= 10 races X 2= 20 total character models
    25% of 20 is 5, so atleast 2 races completely done and one race with either male or female finished.
    Although it would make sense to release new characters from the most popular races I don't know why they started of at Dwarfs, but they said they would be moving on to humans and orcs after, so either 2 of those are completely done.

    Or Blizz could completely troll and say that 25% completion but worked on every race so no race actually ready just updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anufis View Post
    And 5 seconds after that you'll see "Dance studio"
    I see what you did there

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    As much as i want to see new models i dont think there will be any new info.

    Most likely in typically Blizzard fashion, they got 75% done with the new models and then decided to scrap them all and start over.

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    I highly doubt it. Voted No.

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    Trolls - we've seen them in ToT Raid.
    Orcs - Thrall/Garrosh.
    Night Elves - Well of Eternity dungeon.
    Human - Varian/Jaina(?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    My guess is on the reveal cinematic we'd have some race wearing a helmet, only to take it off revealing A BEAUTIFUL HI-RES FACE
    That would be legit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    Trolls - we've seen them in ToT Raid.
    Orcs - Thrall/Garrosh.
    Night Elves - Well of Eternity dungeon.
    Human - Varian/Jaina(?).
    Trolls- Those were NElf skeletons, try again
    Orcs - Garrosh, not Thrall.
    Night Elves - Not a new model, just updated skins.
    Human - Fuck. No.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    Trolls - we've seen them in ToT Raid.
    Orcs - Thrall/Garrosh.
    Night Elves - Well of Eternity dungeon.
    Human - Varian/Jaina(?).
    You may like to know we've been straight up told this is not true by Blizzard employees. The Trolls are not indicative of the updated player models at all.
    They will be more than polished, they will be reanimated to have more personality and expressive movement than they already do, on par with the Pandaren and Goblin and Worgen models. Thrall and Garrosh are closer, but your other examples are just subtle tweaks.
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    I could imagine we might be lucky enough to see a least a little something, but not gonna get my hopes up.

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    I can't recall how they said they are approaching the revamps but say they have teams doing every race, as opposed to one race at a time, they arguable could have one of each particular race/gender complete to showcase which would be great for a preview. If not it'd be nice to see everything they've got done so far for critique.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrendy View Post
    I've been thinking this the entire time People underestimate Blizzard's fooling skills.
    Well to be fair they did say the models were 25% done. That doesn't have to mean every model is 25% done. It could mean that 25% of all the models are done and the other 75% are near completion but not 100% finished.
    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    They are redoing every single spec in the entire games talent trees, PVP trees, Build 36 weapon talent trees and Balance it with specs and make sure it's fun. Tiered CM tuning, 4 raid modes and flex tuning for 17 bosses, a large world with MORE to do similar to mop, PVP honor system rework, Profession overhaul. They have WAY more to do under their belt then just build continent terrain. It's going to take a long time when you consider what actually has to be done.

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    Or maybe its 25% of every model in the game.

    With player models completely finished.

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