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    I am really looking forward to the World of Warcraft: What's Next panel. I wonder what crazy things the new expansion will bring!

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    The panel I'm most excited about has to be the "Warcraft Movie Presentation". So eager to see what they are about to make of it.

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    World of Warcraft: what´s next

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    I am excited for World of Warcraft: What's Next panel.. I cannot wait to see what we will get to kill (ingame ofc) next!! The movie presentation looks interesting too, and I want to see what that's gonna be about too.

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    StarCraft II: (everything)
    and ofcourse
    World of Warcraft: What's Next

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    Most likely whats coming next for wow and the diablo panel also id like to see what plans they got for Hearthstone

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    The WoW: What's Next preview panel.

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next. I think that is the obvious one, but after playing WoW since the Beta I'm highly motivated and excited to find out what the new expansion involves. Plus, being able to kill time at work on MMO-Champion looking at all the new content gets me through the dreaded work day!

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    I am most interested in World of warcraft and what will come next.

    Though I am also excited for their plans of Hearthstone and Diablo 3.

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    Of course I am most interested in the World of Warcraft What's Next panel. But I am curious on the WoW Movie as well.

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    Warcraft Movie Presentation!

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    Looking forward to the World of Warcraft: What's Next panel.

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    I'm interested in seeing everything. I don't know, I've never been to Blizzcon, but everytime I watch it online, it's always an incredible experience you get at home. The atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal, so experiencing it live would probably be a dream come true.

    Good luck to everybody out there who's participating in this contest =)

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    i would greatly apreciate to see live whats the next WoW addon will be

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    I am most excited for World of Warcraft: What's Next panel! I feel as if the announcements to follow will be a once-in-a lifetime moment that wont soon be forgotten!

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    WOrld of warcraft: whats next.

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    I'm exciting to see if their even gonna be human shaman IM GONNA BE SO HAPPY

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    Im looking forward to

    World of Warcraft: what´s next
    and ofc the lore panel!

    cant wait for blizzcon =D

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    World of Warcraft: what´s next

    Must know more!

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