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    World of Warcraft: What's Next, and Warcraft Movie Presentation

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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview!!! I'm also hoping for a Hearthstone release date!!!

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    World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next, World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview, Heroes of the Storm Overview, Diablo III: Gameplay Systems + Crusader, Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive, Heroes of the Storm Live Matches

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    I think I'm the most excited for "World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More"! Also extremely excited to see the live raid!

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    I'm most excited for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues

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    The panel I'm most excited about is "Art of World of Warcraft".

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    I'm most excited for the Contests panel, specifically the cosplay section. It boggles my mind how much detail goes into some of those costumes X )

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For me I would have to say Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Also a big fan of the Art!

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    The WoW: What's next will be the most interesting one to come. I'm curious what direction the story will take for the future.

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    The World of Warcraft, What's Next will be awesome... Been playing this game for 8 years now still going strong! Really interested in the future!

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    Definitely the Movie Presentation

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    Hearthstone: Fireside Chat

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    I'm really looking forward to finding out whats next for world of warcraft and also the next D3 expac. I enjoy both games and continue to play them. Really looking forward to reaper of souls and can't wait to play it with my friends so i cannot wait to see what else they have to show about the game. If i do win tickets i cant wait to see how my first time at blizzcon will be like and see all the things there for sure!

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    All the panels plz.

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    What I am looking forward to at blizzcon is Hearthstone: Fireside Chat, World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More & last but not least Warcraft Movie Presentation. I am so excited & once again Blizzcon is here but, worse living in the area but not being able to go sucks so much. I do hope to be able to go and Blizzcon it up.

    Thank you. Zug Zug !!!
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    Like most people I'm excited by everything, but I'm most excited about World of Warcraft: What's Next. However, I'm also really excited about the WCS competition, so I'll be watching that a lot too!

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next

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    Starcraft II Finals...my husband's and my favorite game from the beginning! He will be returning from deployment this week, this would mean the WORLD to both of us! Thank you so much!

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