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    [A][10 man][Dath'Remar]Mad Prophets 9/14H

    Mad Prophets 9/14H guild is currently looking for these classes:

    1x Restoration Druid
    1x Any ranged dps except Hunters
    1x Melee dps

    to actively pursue heroic progression

    Raid days

    Raid timings
    12am - 3am server time
    May extend only with consensus from 10 or more members(basically a full raid)

    Add infinito#1361 in-game to discuss further!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aori View Post
    Ah raider elitism, I always found it funny how much pride people had for downing scripted bosses.
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    I haven't done mythic, hell I haven't raided since pre-buff Heroic ICC.

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