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    I'm not going to make any sweeping judgements about 8 million subscribers. I think blink was probably a staff choice. They're innofensive and have a lot of nostalgia value for anyone over the age of 20. It's not a matter of money, i'm sure a lot of thought went into the decision, or an office poll. Either works.
    No way. The people at Blizzcon want to hear a guy say "A bi*ch ni*ga. That's the sh*t I don't like." while exposing his tiny malnourished torso to the crowd.

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    In this thread: People who insult other people's subjective opinion on music for some weird sense of superiority

    Reading this is like watching two ten year olds argue about who has the better lunch.

    "Mine is better"
    "Nuh uh"
    "Yeah huh"
    "No that's not real food this is real food"
    "You're dumb"
    "Nuh uh you're dumb"

    Here's my contribution to this thread

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    They should do this on blizzcon.
    That shit is epic.

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    lol lil'wayne? How about Michael Bolton? Both Horde and Alliance could put aside their differences and listen to love songs while holding hands.

    Or alternatively have Lordi, half of the cosplayers will go dressed up as Malthael anyway, so they could go wild in the background.

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    On a better note: "What's my age again?" will be so much more fitting now...

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