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    Most to least likely features of new expansion.

    Here are my current views on what we could see in the next expansion. Feel free to add to the list.


    New dungeons
    New raids
    New scenarios
    New class skills/spells/talents
    New monsters/creatures

    Most likely:

    Time Travel
    Burning legion
    levels 90-100

    Pretty likely:

    Explore Draenor
    Illidan appearance
    Scalable character level
    Timewalker instances
    Demon hunter class
    New arena
    New battleground(s)
    New solo content (Brawlers 2 and possibly solo instances based of how they did proving grounds).


    New profession
    New races
    Pet battle instances
    More pet levels
    Epic pets
    More competitive PvE (some examples - raid races, boss gauntlet, "horde" mode)

    Possible surprises:

    4th (5th for druids) specs.
    New role - controller
    Tinker class

    least likely:

    Path of the titans
    Sargeras raid
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    Pet battle info Compilation: Wild pets, Stats, Abilities, Vids/pics etc!:
    are you mad cause WoW now has a farming system to use with the new farms it has? keep in mind WoW's had farms since vanilla. Battling pets in a setting like azeroth, with war hungry warlords hardly seems like a stretch.

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    Pretty much the most likely feature for me is Timewalking (level scaling), that's what the leaks keep mentioning when saying Time Travel. It's a mistranslation of Time Walk(ing)
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    I'm expecting 7.0 revealed at Blizzcon. They want yearly expansions after all. If they don't reveal it, I'll be happy as it means Quality is still before Quantity in Irving.

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