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    Quote Originally Posted by Killmaim Deathbringer View Post
    Sexy Robots?
    That reminds me of:
    ●████▅▅▄▄▄▄▄▄....▄▄▄ Rolf! Rolf! Rolf!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumaya2000 View Post
    Ghostcrawler expressed a level of dissatisfaction with the neutral race concept, but another dev said it allowed them to build a more comprehensive identity for that race.

    I guess it depends which is more important, faction identity or racial identity.

    On the other hand, whilst Ogres are cool, I cannot see them being well received as a neutral race.
    Alliance (Or at least I) don't want your stupid Ogres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokaproductionist View Post
    While I'm a bit skeptical about this trademark, I lean towards Alliance Arakkoa and neutral Ethereal.
    While the idea sounds awesome, i don't think it's likely they'll do such a thing.
    The amount of QQ from the horde side is going to be enormous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    Alliance (Or at least I) don't want your stupid Ogres.
    Alliance Ogres aren't an impossible result. It all depends on the story Blizzard wants to tell. I would still argue that Ogres would work well on the Alliance side, offering a savage, ugly and monstrous race to a faction lacking in choices in those departments.

    Conversely the Horde has Ogres, Trolls, Tauren and Forsaken covering those bases.

    In my heart of hearts, Ogres will join the Horde. Call it a gut feeling. I am just saying Alliance Ogres aren't impossible.

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    I really really really do not want Orges to be the new Horde race. I understand that it might make sense for them to join, but I dislike them very much.

    I don't mind killing them, that's fine keep them that way. But I do not want to be sat around one in the bar in Orgrimmar. I would not roll one as I always had trouble attempting to be a female orc, it just doesn't feel right for me so female orges would just be..bleh to me.

    But at this rate I can't think of a prettier or more preferred race that can join them at this point, whereas things like Arrakoa or Naga or whatever else would look decent but most likely to join Alliance.

    I will continue to stay hopeful for Drakonid at some point though I know it will likely never happen...and if not as a race do to dragons not taking sides I wouldn't mind a Dragonsworn class where you have the ability to take the form. Now that I would like coz I am such a dragon fangirl =P

    Mini rant over. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    While the idea sounds awesome, i don't think it's likely they'll do such a thing.
    The amount of QQ from the horde side is going to be enormous.
    I mean that I'd like to see Arakkoa as Alliance race and neutral Ethereals. 'Course they would be a Horde race but I'm not sure what; not 100% supportive of Ogres.

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    I would play an Ogre so fast it wouldnt even be funny. They just make sense for the horde. As for the alliance, high elves make the most sense. Arakkoa i guess 2nd most sense as far as races that currently exist in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitei View Post
    What is a good race in your opinion?
    to answer sincere, i have no clue what race should they add if thats the case, but id rly like to see some new class, something different, a new caster or ranged class would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parlaa View Post
    We will get both.

    Edit, also stop speaking like Blizzard only does what benefits the majority because they don't,
    i kinda disagree with your on that, they actually do.. a small example pve > pvp, maybe im wrong.. but maybe not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slappinfaces View Post
    I would play an Ogre so fast it wouldnt even be funny. They just make sense for the horde. As for the alliance, high elves make the most sense. Arakkoa i guess 2nd most sense as far as races that currently exist in game.
    Ogres are pretty much a cert wherever they end up. I doubt High Elves as there is still no good way around the Blood Elf issue.
    Arrakoa would be pretty awesome done right. Think of the jokes...

    'Sqwuak Gelfling...I mean elfling!'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    Crap man, what the hell. I think I need a drink.

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    if Arakkoa becomes playable I would be really surprised and scream with joy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    No new races this go around because of updated race models, and the fact that they added Goblins, Worgens, and Pandaren in the last two expansions. It also doesn't help the new race argument that there are EXISTING races that need some new lore.
    well, as I said I can agree with argument that existing races need to have lore developed. Lore of existing races instead of lore of new races thats fair. But on the other hand lore of new races doesnt need to alternate lore of old races. For example lore of Ogres might be lore of Horde told for a little bit different perspective, same as High Elfs its a story of Dalaran and conflicts with Blood Elves. Ofc it would be ultimately hard to involve High Elves or Furbolgs into Draenei lore or Ogres into Forsaken or BElf lore but it is still possible to co-develop new races and old races lore.

    And it is 90% sure that there will be new class or new race in every new expansion.

    I understand argument that there was new races in last 2 expansions and only one new class. But it is rly easier for them to add new race instead of new class because they have real problems with balancing old classes. So that makes new races most likely to be implemented imho.

    so I give 40% for new race, 40% for new class and 10% for new race and class

    Quote Originally Posted by Slappinfaces
    I would play an Ogre so fast it wouldnt even be funny. They just make sense for the horde. As for the alliance, high elves make the most sense. Arakkoa i guess 2nd most sense as far as races that currently exist in game.
    3rd most sense imo :P 2nd are Furbolgs imho.
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    Ogres feels likely to join the Horde ranks, I was surprised when Goblins joined before them, and feels about time they would join Horde, being allies for so long.

    For Alliance, I guess Arakkoa would be? Don't know many more races (Sporelings would be awesome though!) that could join. I hope not High Elves, would be plain boring to get blue eyes belfs. : / If we get them, then Horde could get like... Red Nightelves or something! : D

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    I hope it isn't Ogres for Horde.

    Because I don't want to have to pay £165 to race change all my 11 characters to it!

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    Ogres for Horde and High Elves for Alliance.

    I reaaaally really want High Elves to become a playable race..
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    Allow me to ask a simple question: Is a man allowed - entitled even - the sweat of his brow?
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    "No," says the human in Stormwind, "it belongs to Alliance!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    New starting areas = New quests = New content.

    New racials mean new ways of playing.

    That's more new content than new models at least.
    That's certainly more content, but is it useful content? How many people actually enjoy running through those starting zones over and over again? One of the things I prefer with the old races is that there are multiple leveling points. For example, as a human! I can level in Elwynn forest, or level outside of Ironforge, or even level in the Draenei starting zone.

    With Goblins, Worgens, and Pandas, I'm locked in their opening scenario that I have to experience over and over again.

    Racials are mostly passive bonuses. New classes offer far more new gameplay options.

    Graphics matter, but little. At some point everyone seems to come to the conclusion that a game can look amazing, but suck Donkey Kong balls. Furthermore, I'm not sure where you get your "everybody wants to be Human" idea, I personally don't know anyone who played Human as his first character, in my experience the majority of people don't want to play Humans because it's boring. They're popular alts as far as I've seen though.

    The majority of WoW players are playing either humans or elves.

    Graphics don't draw in old players either. Old players know that the game is the same stuff from when they quit, people aren't that gullible anymore, and WoW doesn't draw in much of a new audience anymore, the MMO craze is dying down and Mobas are taking over. And even when it does draw in new players, they usually roll either Belfs, Draeneis, Worgens or Goblins, exactly because of better models. Which means they get new players anyways.
    Upgraded Human and Elf models would bring in more new players than new weird races. That's simply a fact. Again, adding 2 new races when the most popular races in the game got new models would be foolish. The new races would get completely eclipsed by the model upgrade.

    And now that we are talking about those races, I don't see what's so pretty about Goblins either, the only other midget race was already hated as is, yet they still made it.
    Goblins are better looking that Ogres. Frankly, it would look ridiculous if you try to beautify them, but if you don't, no one is going to play as them.
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    Hope there won't be any new races, because they should be working hard on new models. Especially I'm against ogres, they are not cool at all.
    The Mists of Pandaria coming on September 25

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    I really don't care what we get as Horde as long as its NOT ogres.
    I don't see why people want them so badly, they are dumbfounded, know nothing of politics or w/e have a minimum IQ and are so easy to posses it will proberbly turn out to be burning legion in their minds after all.
    I just dont like the fat dumb look they have and I hope they come up with something else for us :<
    For the Horde! And for the Earthmother!

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    I haven't had the courage to read all 18 pages of this, though I've read most of it.

    If Warlords of Draenor is indeed the new wow expansion (which is probable, as with HS still in beta, I doubt they'd announce an xpac), then the time travel setting is pretty much set in stone. We're not going back to outland to visit fragments of Draenor smaller than Outland, with little to no life on them.

    In this case, Ogre for Horde is, imho, a certainty. They've been around forever, and while cases can be made in favor of Alliance Ogres, that is pushing the envelope. I think most of the community can agree that, like it or not, if Draenor is the setting and we're getting new races, Horde is getting Ogres for sure.

    Now Alliance is a more complicated matter. Apparently Arrakoa make sense lorewise. I can accept that, though I don't really care for the race itself, I'll assume Blizzard won't be pulling races out of their asses. Arrakoa makes the most sense.

    People hoping for High Elves are in for a disappointment. There already are 2 Elven races in the game, one for each faction. Blood Elves actually are High Elves, and the closest we're going to get to authentic High Elves. A third Elven race doesn't seem plausible at all.

    People are hoping for Naga. Until shortly, people were thinking "The Dark Below" would be the new WoW expansion, and would feature Azshara, Naz'jatar and the South Seas. Now these things oppose each other. I do think we'll get to see Naz'jatar and fight Azshara at some point, be it a raid patch, or an entire expansion. Until then, I don't believe we'll see Naga as a playable race. Not until Azshara is dealt with, and Naz'jatar pacified.

    So yes. Arrakoa makes the most sense to me. Unless you want to go into the whole Sporeling nonsense, which I don't buy. Players wanting cute, miniature races are numerous, but it still is pretty niche. A niche filled by Gnome and Goblin. I don't see a third Halfling race myself.

    One last possibility to offset Arrakoa is the event of an entirely new race, mostly absent from lore. One never knows, it may happen. I'll just throw this out there, taken from WoWWiki, concerning Warcraft RPG: "Horde Player's Guide says that the ogres are one of the last races of Draenor's giants, implying that there has been more than one race of giants that have lived on Draenor."

    We know Ogres are descended from Gronn. It is possible other races descend from Gronn. We know Gronn are descended from Earth Giants. There's a whole giant family tree to be explored here. Offshoots from Gronn, sister races to Ogres, or offshoots from Earth Giants, sister races to Gronn. According to Warcraft Magazine, "The earth giants are the ancestors of the gronn. Whatever they were, the only signs of their passing are the Temples of the Damned built during the Second War, which were all destroyed." Earth Giants can be ruled out, in any case. They are simply too ancient to have coexisted with any of the actualy sentient races, save perhaps Gronn.

    In any case, it is clearly implied that other giant races have existed on Draenor, before Gul'Dan's disastrous antics, and probably many other races as well.
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