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    Mannoroth. It turns out that Grom and Thrall had our help when killing him.

    But seriously, can we just have one actual surprise in this game?
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    We would have no idea with MoP either if Blizz didn't tell us.

    I'm pretty positive it is not Grom, not Ner'Zhul, not Gul'Dan, nothing. In short, not another corrupted Orc. Blizz is not stupid enough to be so repetitive after Garrosh.

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    Imb4 Arthas jumps in rofl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    To be fair, its better to be disappointed about bad lore from the very start, than having dull suprise after months of waiting.
    While not perfect, I think MoP's lore was handled pretty well all things considered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    While not perfect, I think MoP's lore was handled pretty well all things considered.
    The storytelling was good, better than ever in wow, that i can agree.
    The story itself was not, its simple naive fairy tale about how being bad is bad and how via trust and friendship, and respect you can overcome anything. So its like Wakfu, but doesnt target 7+ audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    its simple naive fairy tale about how being bad is bad and how via trust and friendship, and respect you can overcome anything
    Your friends are the most epic lewt you will ever see drop!

    If Grom is involved (and alive somehow?) then perhaps we will see more Garrosh back story in the 5.5 patch, perhaps there was more to him going crazy and killing all the warlocks in org.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizzit View Post
    The only expansion where we knew who the final boss would be from the title alone was Wrath. All the others were announced at the actual reveal at Blizzcon.
    Even Garrosh wasn't announced as end boss at the reveal at Blizzcon.

    There was lots of complaining on the forums after the expansion reveal that "the expansion isn't interesting because we don't know who the end boss is going to be!", so after a few days of that Blizzard revealed that Garrosh was going to be the final boss.
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    1. Gromm is dead.
    2. If Gromm is alive we are traveling back in time. (Draenor was a planet back there)
    3. He was the first to drink Mannoroth's blood.
    3. Gromm stayed on Draenor during the First War and Second War, he was a veteran of wars with draenei and other clans though.
    4. He was used with effectiveness by Ner'zhul in the aftermath of the second war. His forces, combined with that of the Bleeding Hollow clan led by Kilrogg Deadeye, were used in strategic hit-and-run raids designed to retrieve some of Azeroth's most powerful magical artifacts (to open portals in the other worlds). (Beyond the Dark portal)
    5. So during the First and The Second War he was one of the top guys(no to mention Ner'Zhul) on the Draenor.
    6. Hellscream and Deadeye(WC3 manual mistake) hacked their way through the human ranks in a desperate bid for freedom, the Dark Portal exploded behind them. For them, and the remaining orcs on Azeroth, there would be no going back.

    I belive we are going to see Draenor in the times of First And the Second War and beyond.
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    We'll know after they announce it themselves at blizzcon. Until then take everything you see with a grain of salt.

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