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    Come ooooonnnn Corgis Unleashed...
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    WoD is not the title of the next expansion.
    Aaaaaaand it is.
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle
    Also, it's should HAVE. NOT "should of". "Should of" doesn't even make sense. If you think you should own a cat, do you say "I should of a cat" or "I should have a cat"? Do you HAVE cats, or do you OF cats?

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    I called it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gons View Post
    I called it
    That you did, sir.
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle
    Also, it's should HAVE. NOT "should of". "Should of" doesn't even make sense. If you think you should own a cat, do you say "I should of a cat" or "I should have a cat"? Do you HAVE cats, or do you OF cats?

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    Welp, 7 words. Yay, me.

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    Doubtful on anything Deathwing related for this expansion along with Orgrim doesn't lead any clan until after he kills off Blackhand, who is the leader of his clan not Orgrim.

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    It was called
    "If the people of this community ever find out what we did, to that cow, in that parking lot... I will never be able to old my head up high again." - Red Green

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kourvith View Post
    This sounds very solid.

    I'm also buying the 12th class because of the space suits picture (and Lore connection with Demon Hunter).

    I also had pretty wild, but interesting (imho) guess about the "Warlords" word choice. Considering Blizzard has always priorized market penetration into their gamedesign (and therefore Lore by extension), and considering the biggest competitor to WoW is a MOBA (LoL), I'm starting to believe "Warlords" has a connection with the implementation of a MOBA style mechanic in next Xpac. Which would also bring justice to Warcraft RTS's 20th anniversary. Something like Scenarios where you'd be able to play each of these Warlords, and maybe having command over troups / resources.
    I called it
    (and this one was quite a wild guess)

    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzard
    Q: How does the Garrison work? What kinds of followers and upgrades are available?

    To establish a foothold on Draenor and bolster your faction’s defenses against the formidable Iron Horde, each player will need to build and manage their own Garrison, a customizable fortress that serves as your personal base of operations throughout the course of the expansion. As you complete quests and win allies to your cause, your Garrison will expand and you’ll be able to choose which upgrades you’d like to construct from a variety of options. You’ll also meet and recruit NPC allies and followers who will join you at the Garrison, each providing different benefits.

    For example, a miner rescued from a dungeon might take up residence and help gather Mining resources. A heroic warrior you quarter might embark upon quests at your command, with a chance to return with valuable treasures. Other characters might provide you with quests that expand upon their own stories or lead you to valuable assets in your campaign.

    When it comes time to upgrade your Garrison, you might choose to build a Barracks to send more followers on missions simultaneously, an Inn to provide new recruits, or an Infirmary to speed up injured followers’ recovery time between assignments. You may instead decide to build a Smithy and recruit a Blacksmith to research new plans and craft valuable resources (such as those with daily cooldowns). You’ll also be able to invite friends to visit your Garrison to trade resources and see how your home base stacks up against their own.

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    They had to shift mechanics somewhat, cause after MOP where do you go?

    The only NATURAL sequel to a xpac like MOP is Corgi's unleashed.

    They had to bring it back somewhat.

    That said I literally thought they would find a title kinda in between corgi's unleashed and WoDlords of Dragonmasters.

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    Alright, I've got to man up and say that I was wrong. I still think WoW:WoD is a bad name from a purely writing perspective but whatevs. I'm still on board and it looks like it will be great fun!! Bring it on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    we will face Garrosh, corrupted by the Sha. It's no brain teaser.
    There I called it 7 Months ago. Perfectly predicted te final boss.

    Now it is time to make another prediction. My Guess on Mister Hellscream's future is that he will redeem himself eventually. He may have done a few bad things in the past, and he is the one setting Warlords of Draenor Iron Horde in motion, but later on he will change his mind and become ...Good Guy Garrosh.
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    I called it 5 months ago that the next expac won't be legion based or south seas based but instead rather something surprising like mop. Heck, I've even made a thread about it so... Yay me for calling it?

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    I didn't call it, but remember when the Iron Horde was a texture file? And every now and then someone on the forums would bring it up as a spoiler or having to do with a new Iron Horde and everyone (myself included) would point at them and laugh, because it's a texture file.

    Yeah, feeling pretty good about that.
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    Future predicition here.
    When we get to fight the Titans the expansion will be called: Attack on Titan.

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