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    Legendary Cloak - How many have you earned?

    Hey folks!

    I'm working on my second cloak and was wondering how many of you have earned more than one cloak? I'm just curious if people are finding it easier or harder the 2nd/3rd/4th times around? I wish I had at least kept one or two of my characters further along in the questline before this patch, because I'm just now at the 3k valor (which used to be 5k!) part for three of my alts.

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    one for main, one for tank alt, no way i'd do it a 3rd time, and it was 6k valor.

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    Good call, it has been so long since I did the 6k I thought it was less than that. My mistake lol

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    so far just 1 on my main, working on a second on my alt but not in an hurry so i do it slowly. reached the 12 titan runestone step last week at last, got 3 of them this week.
    never had that much luck on my main when doing it.

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    I started doing it on my pally... And then I thought "Why?" I'm probably not going to be doing any serious raiding on this character, so why bother. I got one on my DK main though.
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    Just the one on my old shaman main so far. My old DKDK alt is at the Secrets, but I cba to finish it since I realm-hopped. My new main is at A Test of Valor, but I just can't muster up the effort to cap valor 3 weeks in a row.

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    Three, working on five. The fourth is on Runestones and the fifth will be starting secrets tomorrow.

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    18,959 it today. Not doing any more...levelling more alts to 90 now.
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    I'm, 3/12 or 4/12 to making the cloak. I began long enough ago that I had to get the 6k Valor, not the current 3k, but I just lost my steam on the whole thing in 5.2. Didn't finish the 5.2 stage until late 5.3. And even with the guaranteed 1 drop from 4th wing ToT and 1st wing in SoO, knowing you are guaranteed 2 a week, my care cup is just too empty.

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    2 out of 9 90s (Rogue and Warlock). Both at 6k valor.

    I won't be actively pursuing it on anymore...although my paladin is at 10/12 Runestones, so he'll probably get it by the expansions end.

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    Got 5. Got another character about to get the secrets quest if I can be bothered to grind the rep 1st. Probably not going to complete that 1 or any others.

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    Three legendary cloaks: Shaman healer, Monk Tank, Paladin Tank. I have a Hunter on... Runestones I think, haven't played that character in a while. And my DK tank is almost 90 and I'll be starting the quest on him once he is...

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    One for my main. I really don't feel like putting in the effort for my alts to get it- too much LFR.

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    seven - two more should be ready within the month. The valor really was the most annoying part.

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    Finished the legendary cloak on my main toon, a warrior, and paladin and DK within a day of 5.4 launching. Wasn't raiding much at the time, so I had time to do the cloak quests on the three plate toons. Bought second cloaks so have both tank and dps versions. Was a fun week, as I also finished Shadowmourne that same week, so laughed that 7 legendary items in a week wasn't too bad.

    Also have a hunter and rogue that are partway through collecting Secrets of the Empire items.

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    I only have it on my main. I could get it on more chars, but it's not something I will go out of my way to achieve.
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    I'm still on my 1st cloak, 2470/3000 valor or something. I've been on the valor quest for 3 month now. I tried to keep up with it at the beginning but I managed 49 sigils of wisdom before I got my sigil of power, after switching mains.
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    Currently got 2 cloaks, my ret is on secrets atm and my shaman and hunter are both on valor so could possibly end up with 5. Although atm I'm not really working on my paladins, just doing it when bored.

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    1 on the toon I stared mop with. Really hate LFR so doubt ill finish the one on my Shaman before expansion ends.

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    No matter how much I enjoy my alts, I can't bring myself to bother with a second+ cloak.

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