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    Think Warlods of D. is a fake expac leaked by Blizz to distract from the real deal.

    Thoughts? Am I reaching? Is it far fetched? Or very possible when you think about it...


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    Could be. Could be not. Wait till Friday.

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    /facepalm lol

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    I completely agree. I truely think Blizzard has hidden the real expac name and idea this whole time and we have zero clue. Even though I do hope for a couple of themes for the next expansion. NOT TIME TRAVEL!!!! AND NOT ANOTHER ORC EXPANSION

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    How's that tinfoil hat treating you? Warlords of Draenor + All of the Chinese links, I'd wager 1 cent on it.

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    It's like I'm really in 2005. And 2007. And 2009. And 2011.

    It's not, it never is, the end.

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    The details & features are probably not accurate, but I strongly the storyline is. And here's why, I've heard rumors that the Warcraft Movie is based on the whole dark portal opening incident and old school outland lore. If that is true, the timing of "Warlords of Draenor" makes perfect sense.

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    Warlords of D.

    Hehehehe... He...
    Quote Originally Posted by Masark View Post
    Somewhere, there is a company that has actually figured how how to make penises bigger and they are utterly helpless to reach their potential customers.
    Nyah, see!

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    There is no substance to this thread.

    There are plenty of open threads regarding the trademark. Use one. Please do not create pointless threads

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