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    Actually, September 30 looks more and more promising, and while that could be just wishful thinking, there are some points to ponder:

    An announcement next week is a two month window, similar to previous xpacs, allows two months for 6.0 to go through PTR then live, comes out on the heels of whatever Comic-con buzz they can generate and gives Mythic raiders a month to clear the 1st raid tier prior to Blizzcon.

    Could just be wishful thinking, we'll see.
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    It could also be a "security way" to let people have the chopper, after the official release of Warlords of Draenor (speculation over the last weeks say it could be for the 23th of September), so one week after the release of the expansion.

    The theory basically : Official release : September 23th ---> Chopper's limit : September 30th

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    after today news i believe it will be released between 30 sept and 28 depends from when 6.0 will hit....but i really think that it will be before Blizzcon at this point!

    23 spetember is out of the possibility IMHO because they always announced the release date at leat 2 months before (right?). But it is also the first time that they allow pre-orders before to announce the release date so who knows...maybe they could even give us release date 1 month before.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    Late October-early November is my guess now after seeing that date on the chopper redemption.
    The date on the chopper tells me that its a gimmick to help get their Q3 numbers up.
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