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    Purchased Blizzcon ticket, now unable to go...do I get access to virtual?


    Just curious if I have access to the virtual Blizzcon if I bought a Blizzcon ticket as I can no longer attend. If so where is the code / how does that work?

    Thank you!

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    I'll admit. i have no idea. But i wish i could buy your ticket. Sadly, not allowed
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    My ticket is going to my boyfriend's friend as he will still be there to pick up his ticket, and mine (paid with on his card) and just give it to his friend. That way I still get the items / codes and whatever but someone can get the experience!

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    I believe a few days ago they said that if you got a BlizzCon ticket and can't attend you can still watch it Virtual Ticket style. They did this in case you really wanted to watch several events happening at the same time, but obviously you can't be in two places at the same time. So, you get to watch the VOD's.
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    Thanks Wish. Do you happen to know if they give you a code or something in the goody bag or if your account is just automatically unlocked for it?

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    I'm not allowed to post links but this should help you out.


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    my info incorrect sorry.

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    Awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therra83 View Post
    Unfortunately you won't be able to access the virtual ticket just because you purchased a Blizzcon ticket. You'll have to buy the Vticket if you want to watch it from home. You could try calling Blizzard and see if they'll make an exception but I highly doubt it. Depending on where you live though you could see if any bars or restaurants are streaming Blizzcon and go watch it there.
    Thankfully this is incorrect! illegal just posted a link to a blue post confirming you get both.

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    You know it would be stupid, if you bought a Blizzcon Ticket & didn't get access to the Virtual Ticket.

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    I agree Arbs lol. Thankfully you do.

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    Bumping, no code in bag? I entered the code off the card for the pet, etc but its still asking me to purchase the virtual ticket? Anyone have any info on this?

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    Can't really answer a question on that little context. But if it is giving you the option to buy a ticket on the normal Blizzcon website, that's because the stream hasn't started yet (At least, it hasn't here, so I reckon the same applies for the United States or where ever).

    Edit: To clarify, I get the same option having already bought a ticket days ago. Just a generic buy ticket that doesn't look at your account as far as I can tell.
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    Okay thanks Fhaz. Maybe it requires the stream being live for it to see you are authorized. Thank you

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