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    WoW these days.

    I'm very sorry to be part of this, but it's really killing me.

    Everyone is crying on forums about how wow is boring and casual, LFR is bad, pvp is bad, leveling is bad, and blizz ruined the game...
    If wow is so bad and boring, why don't you just quit playing it? All I can see is THE SAME GAME with some new features, some old altered, and a lot of new stuff being implemented to make the game more avaible for new players.

    What? You don't like lFR? It's linear, boring, and frustrating? Then why the hell are you keep doing it? Why do you want it to be removed so badly? Because you don't find it enjoyable? Well I don't find pvp enjoyable, why don't blizz remove pvp? YOU are not the ONE and ONLY, if you don't want something quit doing this. LFR is not mandatory, you can just skip it and go straight to normal raids, people managed to do this since vanilla without LFR, you don't need it now either.

    What I see wow is as good as ever, people just got... bored? more retarded? old players already quited it and only kids left? I don't really know, but clearly only thing that ruins the game are b****y players who hate everything that moves and don't care about others. Personally I was forced to stop running dungeons because of tanks who just rush on, don't care about anything, damage dealers' who are pulling before tank and thinking they can do anything if they have better gear, or players pulling bosses on LFR and then rage-quitting, just to make others even more angry, and killing all the fun.

    Wow is game, games should be fun, right?

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    Blame the complaining customer?

    Perhaps Blizzard should not be making boring games then.

    Besides, of people who complain, many did quit, temporarily. They are waiting for the next expansion.

    You tell people to quit the game if they do not like it. If it bothers you so much to read these forums and see people who disagree with you on the state of the game, then why don't you quit following the forums? (I do not want personally people to quit forums, I am just illustrating his own argument's fallacy.)

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    well wow is getting QQ is because i cursed the game to a slow and horrible death back in the beginning of cata when GC nerfed arcane mages

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    Quote Originally Posted by liam78 View Post
    Perhaps Blizzard should not be making boring games then.


    This!? seriously m8, last thing you can say is that they make they games boring... find another 10yr old game with that many players who actaullt pay to play all this time...

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    Sorry but I agree with the OP.

    LFR is optional. If you don't like it don't run it.

    Flex is a really nice alternative to LFR if you can't commit to a normal mode schedule. OQ makes that super easy to do.

    Normal is still there if that's what floats your boat.

    And Heroic is still there for the people who feel like turning the game into a job.

    Sure the dungeon content in MoP was lacking. But Scenarios seem to be the way Blizz is moving with that, and if they allow us to use scenarios before max level in this next expac then I'll be superbly happy with that new model as I personally hate waiting for 40 min to run a dungeon. Scenarios offer a nice alternative for long dps wait times.

    I really don't see what all of the complaining is about either b/c quite frankly I don't see a dang bit of difference in raid difficulties aside from there being more of them. And that helps with player retention as more people have options for something to do. It seems to me that way too many people just want WoW to be this massive grindfest it once was and the fact is that a great deal of us have gotten too old for that crap. I've got a real life now, and I don't feel like wasting my valuable time grinding away at something when I could be killing the big dragon which is what my goal is anyway. Artificial content isn't fun, it's just time consuming. Everyone can get into a raid now, who cares. Raid the difficulty you want to raid and move on with your life.

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    People tend to be incredibly self entitled and complicate things WAY too much. Making a huge deal out of something that is so simple.

    Having fun in WoW? Play
    Not having fun? Don't play

    Usually when they're not completely satisfied with their WoW gaming experience anymore it's because they just need a break from the game. Yet they almost force themselves to play because it's practically routine, they feel they "have" to do certain things in game. It's like coming off from a drug.

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    I hope wow will die soon so other mmo games gets some attention.

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    If you aren't having fun when you play a game, it is not a game any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by granie View Post
    I hope wow will die soon so other mmo games gets some attention.
    Aren't you original...

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    So you complain about people complaining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by granie View Post
    I hope wow will die soon so other mmo games gets some attention.
    I hope some good MMO games come out soon that can compete with WoW.

    See, you can do it without being a jackass.

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    People who don't like it just should have some sense and go elsewhere. I mean, to complain about it... it's like not liking the sequel to a movie, so you then go to see all of the next five sequels and complain about how they're terrible and you miss the first film.

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    I've got things I'd adjust in the game ... but I'm enjoying it a lot this expac and I"ve been around since vanilla and I raid heroic. Only expac I didn't like was Cata ( game almost lost me during that one ). Mists has been excellent imo.

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    It's not WoW, it's the entire internet/world!
    In this modern age it's no longer satisfactory to enjoy yourself, now you need to complain about stuff.

    Personally I try to enjoy myself with everything I do but not everyone is like that.
    You can't fix the world. What you can do is report players if their behaviour crosses a line.

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    pray for elder scrolls

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    It's just the nature of forums. A lot of the people who post those complaint threads are people who already have quit. People who are having loads of fun playing WoW don't post as often because they are too busy spending their free time enjoying the game they love.

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    People will always complain about the game. People have been complaining since Beta. Nothing new here/

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