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    So I've posted a "few" times as it is suggested Ido so before posting links

    And I have a screenshot I wish to share with the mages forum.
    When can I contribute to the community already?

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    Posting four times isn't enough.

    You've got to post ... 10 (?) times.

    If you feel the need, you can always bypass the restriction by doing something like google.com or something.
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    I have no opinions that I wish to share on every thread that has taken my interest and nor do I need to spam do I?

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    As icedwarrior mentions, you must post ten times before posting links. This is done to try and get you engaged in conversations rather than making an account just to link images.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velicity View Post
    I have no opinions that I wish to share on every thread that has taken my interest and nor do I need to spam do I?
    You cannot spam.

    I find it hard to believe that you have only found 3 things interesting enough to post on previous to today, considering you joined Aug 2012.

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    I've only just really got back into WoW in the last month. Took a break an all.

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    Ah cool, was about to ask this, and ten times is fair enough was worried it'd be something daft like fifty or more.

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    People have abused the right to post links with the first post, so you have to "tank" them spammers and ad bots.

    Not sure, but couldn't you post that link by just writing down the url...non clicable, removing the http/ bit? Then anyone interested could copy / paste it.
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    One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it's quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one 'acting out' in various ways.
    So, in short: the internet.

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    If the link doesn't automatically get parsed it also won't be affected by the post limit, yes.
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