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    What will be this year's "New haircut!"

    That line in the trailer cracked me up.
    One hour to go, man i am bored.

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    I wish the people who reportedly "saw" the leaked trailer would actually say something about it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tradewind View Post
    The non-sequitur derp is reaching critical mass...and it's not even page 2 yet.

    Talk about peaking early.

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    Checked the wotlk trailer again, actually it was "Changeable Hairstyle!"

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    Lets see if I understand this correctly. The trailer for the next exp was leaked and a handful of people managed to 'see' it somehow and then it miracilously disappeared from the face of the internet? Possible. We'll know in an hour. :P

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    I'm still waiting patiently for "New Dances".

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