View Poll Results: How Will You Watch Blizzcon?

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  • Buying my own Virtual Ticket

    195 47.45%
  • Watching the Partial Free Stream

    50 12.17%
  • Watching Somebody Elses Full Stream (eg Twitch)

    134 32.60%
  • Attending / Other.

    32 7.79%
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    Virtual Ticket! Probably alone..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maoli View Post
    Free streams or youtube videos. I really can't see the point in paying $40 so I can see a few panels on WoW when I don't care about anything else that comes for the money.
    Yeah, I'm not too interested in Starcraft or Diablo so it wouldn't make sense to pay for all that content.

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    I will be on the couch with some popcorn watching the stream with my virtual ticket. did the same 2 years ago, really looking forward to it!
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    Will there be Twitch streams of other people streaming it ? I would of thought thats the sort of thing to get shutdown pretty quickly by the twitch admins ?

    I didnt check in previous years so unsure what the precedent is

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    Watching the live stream with my boyfriend and one of our friends on Skype.

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    Voted other.

    I bought the virtual ticket, and I planned on watching it. But a concert I've been waiting on forever put up the date soon afterwards and it's the same weekend, and since I have to travel quite a bit to get there I'll be missing Blizzcon entirely. No real loss though, I can watch youtube videos later on and I get my pet and stuff.
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    getting a coffee
    step by step
    1. pepsi
    2. pringles
    3. cry myself to sleep after its over
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    step by step
    1. pepsi
    2. pringles
    3. cry myself to sleep after its over
    Sounds like my sex life.

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    Virtual, but wanna go sometime.

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    In my underpants.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    TV, virtual ticket recently obtained a 10m HDMI cable so yeah gotta lay in my bed and enjoy the show :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcish View Post
    Virtual, but wanna go sometime.
    Agreed. Already mentioned to my girlfriend about going next year. She just started playing recently, but she's already onboard lol.

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    Bought the virtual ticket, will be snuggled up in my chair with my blanket and some snacks, though i will probably only be watching the opening and the warcraft related stuff since i don't really care about starcraft or diablo and Blink 182 is not really within my taste of music.
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    Missing the blatant option: I won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    Sadly i've now only got 4 real life mates who still play this hardcore and are interested in wathcing the event, and these live in another city. So most likely we'll be watching the streams (on twitch etc) while on a conference call, at least making something out of it. I'd love to go on one of those Barcraft events or whatever, though there isnt any in my city, its fun idea though
    Sadly I've got none now lol

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    Despite telling myself i would never ever do it, just bought virtual ticket.

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    Watching with the virtual ticket with my boyfriend, he has always watched it, this is my first year. We did bounce around the idea of actually going one of these times... one year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yowser View Post
    Will there be Twitch streams of other people streaming it ? I would of thought thats the sort of thing to get shutdown pretty quickly by the twitch admins ?

    I didnt check in previous years so unsure what the precedent is
    It's easy if you know someone who isn't advertising it as a Blizzard restream. If you know or someone knows someone with a virutal ticket and is willing to stream it yet not put any "Blizzard Restream" or something in the title, chances are it won't be taken down. That being said, if someone is going to do that, you should PM me and those looking for a restream so that we can benefit from your wealthy $40 investment. Some of us are poor.

    Basically, you'd find someone willing to restream it for you and give you their twitch channel with no indication of it being what it is. Because otherwise, that's how people get viewers and advertise it being a restream, it's usually taken down quickly. If not advertise, it'll hold up easily.

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    Virtual Ticket. I'll make sure to have some brews in too.

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    Free opening ceremony stream and then getting my fix elsewhere. Will be enjoying some pizza while watching the WoW reveal (if the actually stream that part).
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