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    Help with 10m Garrosh as a Frost Mage

    Some questions about H Garrosh, assuming pushed p1 right before the 3rd Desecrate/Add set:

    1) Do you guys generally try to line the 3rd/5-6th proc of PBoI with your 2nd IV/AT, sometimes the proc happens during really awkward times like during smashes and I wonder if it's worth it to line it with those?
    2) In ToJS, do you generally want to use FO on the first pack you encounter or towards the back end of the transition?
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    Not sure if optimal but what I did for kills;

    I saved AT for 3rd because I don't use AT in ToES transition. And it also lines up next time for the phase 3 burn into phase 4. If you AT on CD without worrying about PBoI, your 3rd AT will come off CD in ToES transition. You could then use it as you come out for final phase 2 burn into phase 3 but you wouldn't have it up for phase 3 burn. I personally wanted to have AT and trinkets up for lust burn. That's how the timing worked for our raid team anyway.

    So I ;
    PBoI / AT
    PBoI/ AT
    PBoI/AT if boss was still up in phase 4 and it was safe to AT.

    As far as ToJS, depends on your set-up and how fast you need to kill adds. In our 25 man, we put a set team of 5 people on each set and burn simultaneously. My group rarely had issues with killing our adds fast enough, so I saved FO for Garrosh. If you are a 10 man, you don't pull all groups at once, or add dps is an issue, I would recommend using it on last pack. When you come in to that transition,some trinkets and CD's are coming back up from pull, and players will have more interrupts and CD's to use on first pack. By the time you get to the back pack you will probably find players have less procs, CD's and interupts available. Saving FO for the cleave will probably help out alot.

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