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    I've rewrote my original post rather than making a new thread.

    I'm kind of interested to hear what people would think about an adrenalin rush that is build up from auto attacks. It solves a lot of problems with stacking and rotation without differing from the originals too much.
    I've read the OP.You didnt address any of the "specs play way too similar" problems in my opinion.You removed a major CD from combat then essentially made it passive.You removed one useless ability and baked it into rupture which is fine for me.And you've added a finisher which lets you apply find weakness every20secs.

    Apart from that Sub finisher all specs still play pretty much same,combat is even more simple and you made it a lot harder to play Sub on anything other than patchwerk fights since we will get balanced with that ability in mind.Also about Sub being about big finishers.If pvp stays the same,i dont think thats possible because having BIG finishers on top of our current toolkit would make us a bit too good.So the only way to see good finishers are bleeds in my opinion

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    Hadn't really balanced this stuff around all the crap that's happened in cataclysm and mop, this is more of what should have been done to rogues at the end of wotlk.

    Never really intented to balance sub rogues around find weakness. They need to be more about stealth that's for sure, and a vanish finisher seemed ideal for that.

    I hate sub being all about bleeds. It's just so lame. I'd rather they had a "different" way of generating combo points and then using finishers.

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    WILL Blizzard implement some cool new ideas for Rogues that could liven them up and improve them in the next expansion?


    I think I'm done with arguing this. I posted this pic aaaaages ago for MOP and I feel the sentiment still stands.

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    You won't be able to stack hit in next expansion, it'll be gone as a stat.

    Bandits guile is a stupid mechanic anyway and I've never liked it.
    This is wonderful. I thought only expertise was gone. BG is kind of stupid I agree, but not more than Revealing Strike.

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    While your OP is certainly full od ideas, I don'† think they are very good ones. 2 charges or even the 50% CDR? Insane for PvP. Not sure about Rogues at high gear levels now, so can't comment if 10energy/sec is way too good early in an expansion and bad or mediocre later on.
    Combat would be the only PvP spec if physical damage would be good pvp classes.

    Rogues didn'† have any self-healing before because they had all the tools they needed to avoid damage. Then other classes got more and more tools and/or self-healing and Rogues got some low tier heals for themselves. They should not be top dog in utility, self healing and what looks like damage in PvP and PvE.

    While most of your ideas are bad because of numbers, realizing this before posting them would be beneficial for all involved. I do realize that you do not actually work at Blizzard as a Rogue balance designer, and that these numbers should be arbitrary. They do not seem that way. Seems like you though a good bit about it, saw some trinkets and other things the END of an expansion and thought balancing the start of the next one around end percentages of the previoius one is good. Sorry man, it's not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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    I don't see why combat would be the "only" good spec with what I have suggested.

    2 charges, 50% shorter cooldown, or preparation theoretically do the same thing and my suggestion was to have the player be able to pick just one. It's a different way of providing the same support, which is what more of our talents should be about.

    I really haven't look at trinkets at all recently. I don't currently play the game. Having such trinkets around is utterly stupid, and whatever is that that halves your cooldown already, that's going away in wod and replaced with readiness stat.

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    One thing I'm kind of excited about stuff is going to be implemented that I had previously suggested, mutilate without daggers sounds fun at least.

    I'm really hoping they will do something about bandits guile, and introduce subterfuge to sub maybe as a proc.

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    Just some ideas to keep your old topic alive.

    Revealing strike redesigned. Now called twin blades. You hit 200% weapon damage with both weapons with 1 of these secondary effects. 10 sec cooldown.
    1. That attack always crits and does what revealing strike used to.
    2. The attack ignores some of your opponents armor or grants a 10 second armor debuff.
    3. Cant be dodged or parried.

    And I dont mean that its randomly gonna choose one those, they are just options.

    Reason is to make revealing strike something you want to press every time you can instead of boring button that you just have to maintain.
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    I hope in WoD the Rogue will get a big Warlock-like overhaul!

    Been Rogue from Vanilla-Wotlk and since then to me it feels much more boring then any other class.

    Playing Warlock now.
    Playing MMO's since 1997 ®
    Ultima Online > Everquest > Dark Age of Camelot > Lineage 2 > World of Warcraft.
    In between ofcourse all the other MMOs u can name. Those above spend atleast 1 year.

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    there will be no rogue overhaul blizzard has said so them selves more than once. They are believe it or not happy with rogues. All 3 specs feeling the same, Sub dominating Arenas and raids while having the worst talents out of any other class and being really squishy depending on resets and spamming feint.

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    Please don't "bump" dead topics. Closing this.

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