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    Bloom and Doom Fos. Still obtainable?

    Ok so I wan't to know if it's possible to still get this one. Dunno if it's illegal to ask about this one but as people don't get banned for exploiting to get it I guess it's cool so is it possible to still get it and maybe the other fos from the same minigame in Hillsbrad?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Only way to obtain this is via exploit. Since the rules of this forum specifically prohibit exploiting, I'd recommend googling it.
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    It is not possible anymore.
    Bug was fixed quite awhile ago

    Tried to do Endless FoS about 2 months ago
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    Ok thanks for the answer. Tried to enter endless mode but saw on wowhead that someone did succeed in 5.4 but I guess It's for attention then. Cheers all!

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    Someone in guild just got it, so it's obtainable.

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