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    New char models

    Does anyone not like them? I don't because I like the old cartoony feel they (current models) have, the new faces look strange aswell the only 1 I think looks ok so far is gnome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaKu View Post
    Does anyone not like them? I don't because I like the old cartoony feel they (current models) have, the new faces look strange aswell the only 1 I think looks ok so far is gnome.
    Gotta be trolling. The gnome was the worst model they showed my a long shot (the male at least). The new ones look great, the old models look like garbage from 2003, and if you think differently you need to get your eyes checked.
    If you like the cartoony feel, well you're in luck because they still have it. Their facial expressions are hilariously exaggerated. You know, facial expressions, one of those things that the old models completely lacked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaKu View Post
    Does anyone not like them? I don't because I like the old cartoony feel they (current models) have, the new faces look strange aswell the only 1 I think looks ok so far is gnome.
    You can't be serious?

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    Dwarves don't look too bad, Gnomes and Orcs (tall Goblins) are ridiculous. I do like the articulated hands though, and the feet looks miles better. Not a fan of the faces.

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    Lol instant 'troll' responses it's my opinion and I wondered if anyone felt the same

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    Are you serious? They still have that "cartoony feeling". They're just 1000x times better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    I don't usually get in line with the common thought, but...
    Are you serious?
    Here comes another 1 what a useful response

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    I love what I've seen so far.
    And how can you not think this is cartoony?

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    If you like cartoony the new models should fill all your needs.
    They look more cartoony than ever. They did a fantastic job imo.
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    Dwarf is the one I don't like and undead Orc looks good

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    How do the new models not look cartoony?
    They certainly don't look realistic.
    Just to add a few more examples:
    Look at the old models. They look stiff, like their faces are frozen. The new models actually have facial expressions.
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    I really enjoy these new models. It takes the original models we've seen for so long and throws them into a new age. Time goes on, technology advances, and games look nicer. We were due in for these.

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    Cartoonish style is the best Wow feature. Ever was, ever will. Every model in this game have style unlike modern realistic MMOs.

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    Models are 100x better. They look still the same but with better bone structure.
    Can't wait imo.
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    I agree with some things and hopefully the rest of the models will be good

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    Are you kidding? I love the new models. Although I will say I'm going to miss the old models especially Orcs and Undead since those were my first two races I played when I was first starting WoW. Man just thinking about it makes me sad
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    Well, this thread took longer than I expected to appear...

    The models are exactly the same. The new ones just have a massive jump in poly count and detail.
    Sometimes updated...

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    I chose Forsaken for my main because it was funny to have green haired zombie w/o a jaw as a hero. Now when I saw concept arts where Forsaken looks so serious and scary I'm afraid that playing a Forsaken wouldn't be that funny anymore

    but to be serious I dont rly care about them because all I watch 95% of my game time is their back so even if I will dislike new model I wont care much.

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    From what we have seen so far, they have done an incredibly good job of preserving the identity that each race brings to the game while also updating them pretty significantly.

    Can't see any issues with them at all. Although, the OP pretty much has the opinion that Blizzard has been saying they need to work hard to avoid all along "Making players feel disenfranchised by their character suddenly not being who they have spent so much time with over the years", so it isn't like his opinion is invalid.
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    Is it just me or does the gnome looks a bit like a smurf? Really have to get used to the models, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem since in basics they are still the same. Can't wait to see the other char models.
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