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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaperxx View Post
    They did not say it is only for them
    Yeah, it is pretty much stated 'one free 90 with expansion purchase'. Whether that means new players, returning players, or a brand new alt.

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    "we have decided that our levelling is now SO bad, that we dont even want you to do it. we figured it was cheaper and easier than trying to fix levelling".
    When challenging a Kzin, a simple scream of rage is sufficient. You scream and you leap.

    Over the last 10 years, Blizzard has taken over $10bn from MMO players. Take a look around your you see $10bn worth of content available to you? Do you see even a tiny fraction of that in relevant content? Now ask me again why I dislike what Blizzard has done to the MMO industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huehuecoyotl View Post
    "we have decided that our levelling is now SO bad, that we dont even want you to do it. we figured it was cheaper and easier than trying to fix levelling".
    One free 90 obviously means they'll never level any other characters ever again. Obviously.

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    90 on one character isn't game breaking lets new get to real content and lets old players reroll if they want. I wouldn't be upset if they add a increased start level based on number of characters. You ignore the story second or third time round, so 3rd character past 70 any new characters start as a lol 70. It's just a more developed death knight model across all classes. One issue I will say is to do 90 voids mop work so it should of been 85 so new players play a little of the old expansion still and close enough to catch up to friends

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    I freaking love this, it will make me able to get an alliance character on my realm as well now to experience both zones on a fantastic realm.

    can't be more stoked about this expansion.

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    It's included within the expansion that's all.
    I hope they also will sell this service because i wouldn't have any problem with paying 30 bucks instead of leveling from 1 to 90.

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    1) Blizzard decided to make Mythic 20M only.

    2) Knowing this will cause a lot of people to have to search for a new guild, or find 2x 10m guilds to merge together Blizzard decided to make that transition easier for people:
    a) Each person gets 1 free level 90 for buying WoD
    b) All Heirlooms are BoA, cross-realm, cross-faction
    c) All Pets and Mounts are BoA, cross-realm, cross-faction
    d) All Titles and Achievements are cross-realm, cross-faction

    3) Everything in #2 also solves the problem for people who are faced with the problem of being on a dead server....

    Thumbs up Blizzard.

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    I already have a Warrior, Shaman, Rogue and Priest at max level. What class should i make instant 90? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlightning View Post
    I already have a Warrior, Shaman, Rogue and Priest at max level. What class should i make instant 90? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.
    Totally a DK, to waste as many 'levels' as you can!

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    I REALLY love this feature. That means we don't have to pay to change our looks. Or have to spend hours / days / weeks to level up a new character just because we want different look of our characters. Just make new one, immediatly lvl 90 and ready to begin the expansion.

    This is blizzard's way to say "Here is your free character to progress at the beginning, have fun" and we complain about that?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

    Edit: Keep in mind it's only 1 free / account. So it's not like we can do over and over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilfayt View Post
    Totally a DK, to waste as many 'levels' as you can!
    I will never play a DK or a Paladin so those two are out of the equation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonkaden View Post
    And i'll say it again. They will have thought about that and have it covered.
    Doubt they care really. If you want to do what Zoukan suggest you need to have Vanilla, MoP and buy WoD to get more. If you don't already have multiple accounts it's not going to be cheap to get it.
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    wherent this going to be a one time thing once you buy the expansion ? thought you would only be able to make only one character insta lvl 90 , or am i wrong ?

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    I think it's a great feature. Blizz always stated that most people got stuck in the leveling process. Think about joining WoW with friends who already have high level chars? Just pick a class and boost it, brilliant

    For me it will save me server+faction change since I won't transfer my shaman alt but instead just boost another one.

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    Absolutely fantastic Idea. I only started WoW in cata myself, around the very start of it, and guess what? I quit at 83. Was so much of a grind, didn't find the game fun. Little did I know how fun it would be at cap. Came back months later, got to 85 and was pleasantly surprised. I'm guessing a lot of people have done the same thing I have, but never returned. It's a brilliant idea. Yes we will have some more clueless people at level 90, but overall it is fantastic for the game, and is a really comfortable feature for new WoW players in particular. Not to mention old players who want to return and don't have the time or will to level to cap again.

    P.S. I'm personally thinking of boosting a rogue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trakanonn View Post
    worst expansion announcement ive ever seen....
    I'm more excited about this than MoP. And if I can skip 90 lvls, I'm doing it. The worst part of making an alt is the boring grind

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    Love this announcement. Finally no more mind-numbing leveling (well at least 1-90 is skipped )

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    It saves me the money of moving one of my older alts over to my new server so i am all for. Just wish it would give me my professions at MoP max aswell :P

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    Can this be on any server?

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    For 5 stupid pages everyone have been saying it will be paid feature. READ INSTEAD OF RANTING ON FORUMS 24/7. PLEASE.

    As for the feature, I personally will quote someone from mmo-c forum: "About. Fucking. Time."

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