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    Quote Originally Posted by kintharis View Post
    This just seems like a whole lot of pandering to TBC nostalgia. But it's all cosmetic, it wasn't just the environments of TBC that we loved.
    I'd love some hints that we're going to get BC-style gameplay back, but sadly it's looking like MoP gameplay with timetraveling re-tread of existing lore...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grishnok View Post
    Wow.... just wow. now you can have NPC tanks and healers and dps? So is wow a single player game now? FFS. Pass.
    Get over yourself.
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    Garrison system is exactly like the Duty Officer system in Star Trek Online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Persuade View Post
    Once again Blizzard takes the easy route and makes their main villain escape like a saturday morning cartoon character. I understand from a developer standpoint wanting to keep the model/animations/lore of something you've created, but really now....
    Want to enlighten us how they did this "again"? To use the word again the same thing had to happen previously. Let's review the main villian's fates.

    Arthas/Lich King - Dead
    Illidian - Dead
    Deathwing - Dead

    Garrosh is the ONLY main villian to "escape like a saturday morning cartoon character" Maybe you could say Ragnaros escaped but he wasn't even the main villian of vanilla, the old god C'Thun was. Way to exaggerate man...

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    LOL @ that brewmaster monk: Umad Brew. Got a good laugh out of that.

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    Holy Crap Cross Realm Heirlooms finally!

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    Oh dear, great inventory updates

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    Yep, Umad Brew and Oprah Windfury is what I'll name my slaves

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    Goblin Freeman, Oprah Windfury, Charles Ferguson, Leeroy Jenkins etc. Blizz NPC naming at it's best.

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    The name of them followers, oh gawd.

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    Check the followers nicknames on this screen, laugh hard, profit

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    my bank is about to be a lot more empty

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    Seems like this expansion is lite on content (no classes, races, few dungeons), but HUGE on things players have been asking for.
    Heirloom gear tab
    Player models
    Toy box

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    I thought Cleaveland was what Saurfang did in his spare time.

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    Followers = No No No plx No...

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    I spot Dance Studio :O

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    I'm all in for Garrisons. I have a fully upgraded farm and all the best friends so I know I probably will lose a lot of hours to this

    edit: omg tabbard tab! I'm using probably 30 inventory spots for tabards so this is welcome.
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    Do they usually announce or hint at the release date at BlizzCon?

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    /throw all my money at the screeeeeeennnnnn

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