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    Garrisons are cool, can't wait. However, similar system has been in WoW since TBC (ability to spawn, name NPCs, create bases).

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    I don't have the virtual ticket, so forgive my asking: but when abouts do the videos of the panels usually get put up on the front page? Sunday?
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    Mythic is a new difficulty harder than heroic with a 20 player fixed size.
    Sorry .. but thats not true -_-

    Mythic is equivalent of current Heroic difficulty. All names got shifted one down, with removal of the name Flexible difficulty (since, the flexible mechanic is applied to most of difficulties)
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    lol I saw "Vallery" XD Might wanna fix that :3

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    I have one question about the instant 90, If you instant 90 from 1-90 is there a way to get some gear that is around the 90lvl stats? because i think trying to lvl in Draenor with lvl 1 grays is going to be diffecultt, but other then that I am liking how the expac is turning out

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    Wrathion saves him and takes him back in time.
    Kairoz does.

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    wait what??? 10 player heroic raiding is dead with this expansion?!!!! fuck this!!

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    For the 90 boost do you have to make a toon now or can you choose to use it at anytime? Information on this would be nice to know.

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