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  • I may keep playing just because i'm bored

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  • Nope, this was the final straw, I Quit

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    Will you re-sub, or come back to WoW since the new Ex-Pax Announcement?

    Im curious how the community feels about the new reveal. will you keep playing/re-sub? will you come back now? or was this the final straw to finally quit?

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    Yep. Most definitely.

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    Re-subbing, this looks epic. People that are confused... go read some lore please.

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    I was really looking forward to playing a new class. Most likely not going to re-sub until a year into the new xpac when it goes on sale at half price.

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    Didnt vote on your poll as its bloody biased.
    Where is the 'I will keep playing because I enjoy wow' rather than because I'm just bored?
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    Depends on the PvP changes, not really interested about the lore of the expansion.

    Most likely I won't.

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    I'll resub IF:

    1. They remove LFR
    2. Make flying mounts really expensive

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    I'm going to wait and see. The trailer definitely got me excited but I really want to see what they're changing and so before making my final decision

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    Im still undecided. MoP was the worst wow sub so far for me (not sure why, played at launch for a month and was bored before I got charged for a second month, so dropped it. came back for 7 days free a couple months ago and didn't even play the last 3 or 4 days of it). Ill surely get the new xpac but who knows if ill play it or a month in be done again.

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    Really don't know personally I played until 5.2 where I quit then came back in 5.4 to raid again seems like the same shit, I'll likely level as usual as anyone else would and go from their.

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    ill play 1st month. but im above 75% prob of quit
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    I'll wait for a couple of patches.

    So sick of Orcs.

    So sick of Horde.

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    I'm disappointed that there's no new races, I wanted a fresh start.

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    Should put an option for "I may resub". Im not 100% certain that I will yet, but I am interested.
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    More orcs?
    No, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fumblz View Post
    Should put an option for "I may resub". Im not 100% certain that I will yet, but I am interested.
    I would enjoy this option as well, while I enjoy the fact that Draenei are finally getting some time to shine and that we're revisiting some of my favorite WoW lore...I just don't know if it's enough to bring me back.
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    Never unsubbed lol

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    I'm still playing and will keep playing. That's not a choice though :P
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    New quests, new zones, new mobs, new story... Its the same as the last expansions. Yes there is lots of new stuff yes, but unless there is a fundamental shift in game direction I am not interested in coming back.

    I'll only re-subscribe if they announce the removal of LFR/Flex/LFD and that they're going back to classic/TBC style of game play.
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    No, not re-subbing.

    New quests, new levels. More of the same. You know, to make something epic you have to make it, not just saying that it is in theory...

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