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    Consolidated Level 100 Talents (Updating as I get more info)

    GOOD NEWS! Wowhead got the official calculator datas from blizzard!
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    Well fuck me sideways.

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    oooh, i wanna see that third shaman talent soooo bad.

    Edit- If possible make sure you get the level 90 talents for mages too- apparently those were changed significantly.
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    Omg fucking druid ones are amazing!! Permanent eclipse for boomkin?!? OKAY THANK YOU

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    You can copy the URL of the broken link, it's called Storm Elemental Totem. Cliff notes: It's an elemental that smart heals for 100% of the damage it does.

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    I read the balance version of Might of Malorne wrong and then reread and was like wtf that's nice. But the passive SR for feral is meh.
    EDIT: I got Savage and Stampeding Roar mixed up. This talent now seems pretty nice.
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    No more doing shit damage outside of an eclipse, aoe whenever I feel like it! love this change. Finally be able to play my druid again.

    Permanent meta for demo? OMG YES PLEASE

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    "Clarity of Power" confuses the shit out of me.

    "Spiritual Guidance" is pretty but... dangerous... Very very dangerous.

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    Permanent Doomguard? Defile for Death Knights? Well well well Blizzard, you win this round. Haven't been subbed for over 8 months now and thought I was free. I guess not. resub incoming. Oh WoW, I will never be free of you will I? I get a little slack on the line and then you just reel me back in. This x-pac looks like it gonna rock. Very excited.

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    Can't wait to hear about hunters! GIVE US SOMETHING FLASHY!!!!!
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    Looks great, want to see Warriors though since that's my class. And mages to laugh if it's worse than 90 tier
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Confirming Breath of Sindragosa and Defile made me more excited about resubbing my dead for 2 1/2 years account.

    Also it's taken 9 years, but Paladins get Holy Strike back.

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    To the OP, if there are any obviously glaring changes to L15-L90 talents, could you snap them as well ?

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    omfg finally I can be a pet-less hunter

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    Warriors come on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    To the OP, if there are any obviously glaring changes to L15-L90 talents, could you snap them as well ?
    I haven't been able to find pics of any but apparently mages 90 tier got scrapped, and a few other level 90 tiers for other classes too.

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    Disappointed with the sham talents. The rest look pretty neat. I really like the druid ones, especially for balance!

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    come on hunters, stop slacking and post some talents!
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    You are assuming Cybran actually reads the articles he links.
    I suspect he is actually some Soviet algorithm gone rogue, transmitting from some forgotten bunker, responding to keywords by googling them and adding "+bad" to the search query, and then just copy/pasting anything it comes across.

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    Pet-less hunter! ALL MY YES !!!
    - My beautiful Ogre Priest x)

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