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    Night Elf and Human Models? (Images)

    So as we have seen the new Dwarf, Orc, Tauren and Gnome, we seem to be lacking with the Night elf and Human models.

    Through cataclysm and mists we've seen re-modellings for specific characters in-game and in cinematics, below I've posted some images I've found from previous cinematics and instances, what do you guys think. Could these be the new models or are they just spiffy re-skins of the old skeletons

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    just spiffy re-skins of the old skeletons

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    just spiffy re-skins of the old skeletons
    Pictures may not be doing much justice, in WMV it looks much different, but you could be right and it could be my imagination. We'll just have to see

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    I'm going to say no just because if you compare these to what they have done with dwarfs and orcs the difference is huge. But I could see them as being a base blizzard work from.

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    I literally just made an account to tell you this.

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    I'd hope they'd do a little more with the humans than use something similar to the FMV models. Human males have been slouching for 10 years! Their backs must be killing them (that's probably why they achingly adjust their shoulder every 3 seconds when mounted)! They need a good few more 'bones' in their spines and a reduction to the breadth of their ham-like forearms. I imagine that some of the faces will be similar to the FMV Tirion you cited though. He doesn't look half bad.

    As for the night elves, I'm just hoping they look like a more detailed and varying version of what we've already seen in Tyrande. Her new models hawt!

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    Why are all WOW characters ripped to fuck? never seen a gym in Azeroth myself

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    Is it me or do male night elves look a bit too bulky or even fat?

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    Very misleading thread.

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    For humans, look at the one in MoP cinematic and imagine him with the kind of textures the new dwarves use. Also, this:

    English is not my first language, feel free to correct any mistake I may make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwind View Post
    For humans, look at the one in MoP cinematic and imagine him with the kind of textures the new dwarves use. Also, this:

    Even this looks terrible. I imagine we'll see some really amazing stuff for Elves and Humans. Really wish we could have seen them at Blizzcon.

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    They're gonna be a lot different. So far I love all the new ones. You can tell they want to keep them as close to the originals as possible while giving them a SUPER upgrade. Definitely taking good care of the models so far. I don't see why Night Elf and Human would be any different. If they update Garrosh after just 1 xpac, they'll update the REALLY important models too.
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    The humans from the recent cutscenes all seem like the old models but touched up slightly to have them look more mobile and updated. They were still rather stiff and had too many resemblances with the old models. Varian might be your best guess for the human male, same for Jaina for the females though I dread the high eyelids and heavy make-up a la female Worgen.

    Please no.

    As for Illidan and Azshara's model... also your best guess for the new Night Elf models. See them as prototypes.

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    Well they're going to apply these new models to all the existing NPCs in the game so I imagine the likes of Jaina and such will be updated accordingly so that she doesn't look crap when standing next to a player.

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    Pretty sure those are just updated textures and not the skeletons. So they could be considered a prototype of sorts, but I'm expecting higher quality.
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    I also made an account exclusively to confirm that these are not the new models planned. Illidan's model was custom tailored for him as an NPC (see his nails? not exactly night elf standard!), as are the "new" Tyrande, Azshara et al. The biggest change we can see is the direction they were taking those models, versus the latest ones we have; they had started to go in a slightly more mature (i.e. not Pixar-esque) direction, but when you look at the new Gnomes, new Dwarves, new Orcs; the new facial expressions not only with game models but in the Pandaria cinematic, versus say the vanilla WoW cinematic... they've veered away from the serious approach and are going for a more "comic" appearance.

    The new models, the likes of Tyrande, Tirion, Jaina, are actually the exact same base model as night elves and humans have. You can see this by hiding the textures and looking at the shape of the mesh beneath; they are identical. They've simply been covered in higher resolution, more detailed textures. The new models have completely new meshes (the shape of the model; the "flat surface" made up of vertices the texture sits on), allowing for more advanced skeletal animation, allowing lips to curl, eyebrows to frown, eyes to squint etc. One of the biggest differences, that doesn't sound that big, is the use of actual eyeballs on the new models - this opens up vast amounts of potential detail for a characters face - a basic glance to one side wouldn't work with the current models; think about when you look around, your head doesn't move half as much as you'd expect it to; your eyes do half the work. The current human females have a basic "iris" for an eye which looks around, but there are no eyelids (Blizzard uses a rather clever "blink" mechanism in the form of an eye-sized box that flicks out and in, giving the impression of a blink), and this robs them of the ability to pull off a whole range of facial expressions since they can only hold the same gaze.

    TL;DR, these are not the new models - expect the new human males to look close to the Pandaria cinematic's human, in both facial expressions (squinting slightly while looking, bared teeth in combat, humurous shocked :O faces) and body shape (still shredded, but not so realistically it looks outrageous), human females will most likely be "hot", night elves I have no idea about but i'm very excited to see them!

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    I fear the night elf one wont look as epic as the one you posted OP but if they look like that I would be very happy.

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    because for the first twenty levels all you do is run haha.

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    I have a night elf main, I really hope he looks good. I'm encouraged by the remodels -- all aside from the Tauren who I feel doesn't match their previous appearance well enough. Tbh I'm most excited about the fact that beardless nelfs can have eyebrows now :P
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    These are pretty obviously not the new models, they were done in Wrath/Cataclysm >_>

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