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    Q: Current state of WOW?

    I've not played WOW in 2 years or so and whilst I was most active back in BC I enjoyed WoTLK and even played a bit of Cata. I liked clearing Kara over an evening, messing around in 25 mans and 2-3 hour Heroic Instances with friends. I used to enjoy kitting with my hunter and learning how to tank with my Paladin. Spending my time farming mats to Nagrand whilst watching a film. Those to me were fun things to do, I did like the changes with the LFG and the quicker heroics as well though.

    The game has changed a lot and the new expansion looks like it might have some BC esque art work and theming, but would I even enjoy playing Wow anymore?

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    We don't know, we aren't you.

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    Enjoyment is subjective. You might like it, you might not. If you're missing the gameplay in general, give it a chance.

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    Im in the same boat as you OP. Got back after 2 years (MoP trial for now:P).

    So uh, I still don't like the pandas and the new continent but that aside, I think it's much like it was at the end of WotLK for the most part.

    My biggest complaints with the current state of game are talents (too few, boring and dont offer any meaningful choices) and linear zone wide quest chains. I dont want to be told what to do, I want to do my own thing and level my own way and it should at least a choice.

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