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    LF macro help with hunter + focus target.

    Can i make a macro where if i have a focus target it will cast the spell on them and if i have no focus target it just casts normally on my target? Spells i would want to use this for are web wrap and wyvern sting and interrupt. I want to avoid using modifiers i just want to use one keybind, is this possible?

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    Is it some thing like [if focus exists] type thing?

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    Ive tried this and it doesnt work:

    /cast [target=focus, exists] Wyvern Sting

    It casts on focus just fine, but when i have no focus it will not cast on my current target. Again im trying to do this without modifiers just one button. Any help appreciated.

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    /cast [@focus,exists,harm] SPELL_HERE; SPELL_HERE

    /cast [@focus,exists,harm] Wyvern Sting; Wyvern Sting

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    Figured it out!

    /cast [@focus,exists,nodead][@target,exists,nodead] spell name

    The nodead lets it know to cast on your target if your focus target is dead, this is awesome! I bet i get 300 rating just from these macros lol.

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    Wow i just capped 2's with a random rogue and this is AMAZING! Game is so much easier with macros lol. Sap>wyvern>scatter>trap>pet stun>blind. All the while i dont have to detarget kill target, if i cared i could probably get 2200 this season lol. Cannot belive i waited this long to find some good arena macros.

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    Ok so ive only come into one problem, every once in a while i am going to want to cast these spells on my kill target (like if im almost dead and need to silence someon) but with these macros it will just cast them onto the focus, where in the line of this code would i put a modifier into this so it casts on my current target, but yet keeps the functionality of the macro as it sits?

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    /cast [mod:shift,@focus] spell; spell
    Will cast at focus if hitting shift, else at your target.

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    /cast [@focus,exists,harm,nomod:shift] SPELL_HERE; SPELL_HERE
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    Ill try that thx tree.

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