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    Important stuff from Tom Chilton that are not on Mmo champion.

    Tom Chilton said a couple of stuff on the main/reception panel a couple of hours ago that I havent seen on MMO Champ (yet)

    I am pretty sure some ppl is very interested about this

    These are questions asked on Twitter and some other media.

    Q: Reforging removed, whats going to happen with the very expensive reforging mount?

    A: We don't know yet but will surely give the players who have it something good.

    Q: Are we going to have another Annual Pass?

    A: No, we don't have something really good to give with it. Reaper of Souls is not as appealing as Diablo 3 was as a gift for Annual Pass.

    Q: Are we going to have Realm Firsts for all the classes?

    A: No, there is not going to be Realm Firsts anymore. (I dont know if only for classes or that includes guild H final bosses kills also)

    Those are the most important questions I remember, if anyone wants to fill this up check the Payed Stream around 3-5PM PACIFIC (IIRC)"Main" to find it.

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