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    A Whole New World of Customization

    So I was thinking about the new stats that they're adding in 6.0:

    - Speed (Increases movement speed)
    - Life Steal (self-explanatory)
    - Avoidance (reduces AOE & AE damage taken)
    - Sturdiness (No durability loss)
    - Cleave (increased AE damage done)

    Pretty sure there's more.

    I see people complain a ton about the old talent system and how it allowed you to better customize your character- but with these new stats, I think that you can better itemize your toon for what will be best for what you're doing.

    Your itemization is your character customization.

    I really like what they've done here (maybe except removing dodge/parry). Thoughts?

    Edit: added Cleave.
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    Also adding cleave as one of these tertiary stats
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