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    Arrow Siege of Orgrimmar, normal, heroic, lockouts, how they work?


    We progressed SOO 10 man HC and now stays on Dark Shamans where we do 3-tank tactic, on where ill come by my ALT as third tank (NOT LEADER, lockout totaly cleaned). We didnt killed yet but we back in friday.


    My second groups need tank for tomorrow SOO NORMAL from begin and if i come (NOT AS LEADER) and down all (or some) bosses before shamans (6/14 max) and gain lockout id then i can come back to friday's shamans on HC? (Where are diffrent lockout with 6/14 HC) And if i can enter by tank then what happened if we down them (shamans HC) via raid-lockout? Can compromised the second group id or not? (I repeat - im not leader of HC group and second group)

    I ask because i dont fully understands how raid lockouts excacly works...

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    When your alt tank tanks heroic shaman, he is locked out for the first 7 bosses on normal and heroic. It's not like LFR or Flex where every boss has its own "ID" (kill status). When you accept a 6/14 ID and kill another boss, all those bosses are dead for you.
    You can continue NORMAL mode with another group after shaman, but not HEROIC - that can only be done with the main group (or if the main group doesn't do it).

    The other way round it's no problem. You can kill the first 6 bosses with your alt ON NORMAL and then tank heroic shamans for your main group. Only heroic IDs cannot be crossed.

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    Yea, i tanked today but not downed and didnt have any raid-lockout in "Raid-info" page ingame, but didnt lockout creates when boss down? I know where i kill boss let's say "numer 6" then i saved to all previous too.

    I want to be 100% sure to clear first 6 on normal then down shamans with diffrent group witchout problems.

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    You can clear the first 6 on normal and still do Shamans heroic. However, if you have already attempted Shamsn heroic, you should already have a 6/14 hc lockout on the character you tried it on.
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