View Poll Results: Which area you will build your garrison?

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  • Tanaan Jungle

    11 8.73%
  • Frostfire Ridge

    20 15.87%
  • Gorgrond

    7 5.56%
  • Shadowmoon Valley

    33 26.19%
  • Nagrand

    36 28.57%
  • Talador

    13 10.32%
  • Spires of Arak

    6 4.76%
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    As an Alliance player, I doubt I can put it in the snowy zone, huh? =(
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    Frostfire Ridge for me, looks really cool as far as i can see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    If you are undecided, come back to vote when you have decided - no one is pressuring you to "VOTE OR DIE" right now xD

    Probably some lush nature like Nagrand or Zangarmarsh for my Alliance - and some bad ass Shadowmoon Valley for my Horde.
    Zangarmarsh doesn't exist anymore and Shadowmoon Valley is now the Alliance starting zone and is essentially a beautiful valley and moonlit meadow. Are you sure you've checked the screenshots?

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    May I ask the source of what zones Garrisons are allowed in/do you have any pictures of what each Garrison would look like in each zone?

    (OT) It will depend on two things: Proximity to a place I can Hearth or Mage Teleport to (more important) and aesthetics of the area (less important, but still factored in)

    That said from information that I KNOW is readily available: SMV, until I know more about the other zones.

    PS: I'm guessing your Garrison can have a Hearth set to it because there is an Inn building.
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    FF basically because that zone looks perfect for my undead and as well close to main city for horde

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    I want to help create an Alliance presence in Frostfire Ridge so we can assault Horde bases easier.

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    Even though i play horde(for now) i will take the zone with the most draenei lore/art/building. I just can't get down about there finally being some draenei lore :3

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    Wherever it's most convinient.

    Doubt I'll use the damn thing much anyway.

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    Shadowmoon as of now but will see when more zones are released

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    For me it all depends which high level zones I end up spending the most time in.

    Aesthetically speaking for my DK it has to be Frostfire or Shadowmoon.

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    Voted for Nagrand.
    They said that Nagrand would be the least changed zone in Draenor and would look mostly as it does in Outland, and since I love that zone I think I am going to put at least one of my bases there.. Might end up being my horde as I think my Alliance is going to be in Shadowmoon Valley, the screenshot of the eternal night and the overall look of the zone is amazing!

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    Nagrand. It was my favorite BC zone and I'm excited to be able to build a base there.

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