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    Post Texture Update on Classic/Bc gear?

    With the new character models coming in WoD, I've been thinking if they're going to update old gear at all, at least pve/pvp tier sets. Our characters wouldn't look good with such huge difference in quality. What do you guys think?

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    I doubt that, when they could just make a bunch of new gear from the new expansion.

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    I think it would be excellent, but I doubt Blizzard will do it... A shame.

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    If enough people ask for it (and not moan) then maybe they will look at putting it in the schedule.

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    would like to see tier sets / pvp sets updated, but i doubt blizzard will waste that much time on old armor sets.
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    Kind of a waste of resources, honestly. I definitely wouldn't complain, mind you. But when every set they remake could just be a brand new set, where's the gain?

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    I was wondering the same thing but you have to think that considering just how much armor there is then it would just be unrealistic to expect them to redo it all.

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    Maybe they could redo favorite classic sets for WoW's 10th anniversary.

    Like.. Judgment, Bloodfang, etc.

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    i don't think so
    which is sad because i love the color and silhouettes of the TBC era green and blue quality recolors.
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    What COULD happen is this though. The gaming community has a lot of people who are experienced and skilled in graphic design. Just look and custom made textures and models made by the modding community for things like Skyrim. Blizzard could hold a year long design campaign where they give a cookie cutter version of the program that they use to design things for WoW to the community and let players design new gear or redesign old gear and then submit those designs to Blizzard for evaluation. I think in that way Blizzard wouldn't have to redirect their resources towards this and it could still get done.

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    They won't update it unless they rehash it for current content. Otherwise they could just spend the time making new gear.

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    I think people are kind of getting spoiled now after seeing that the WoW team is capable of doing remakes. I'd rather the released more new models than fewer new and rehashed old.

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