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  • Questing

    31 17.51%
  • Dungeons

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  • Raids

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  • PVP

    7 3.95%
  • World Exploration

    14 7.91%
  • Other...

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Thread: Backbone of WOW

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    Backbone of WOW

    What aspect of the game do you believe represents the backbone of World of Warcraft?
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    Other, Player interaction.
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    Pvp cuz it's so balanced.

    jk, all of the above because it's all what makes WoW.... WoW.
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    I think Raids and Endgame content are the largest contributor to the subscriptions this game receives, and are also the reason it was built well since Vanilla.

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    Agree with CheeseSandwich. If I wasn't in a guild with a bunch of guys I chat bollocks with on Whatsapp while I'm at work, meet up at one person's town to get blindingly drunk 2 or 3 times a year, and idle in Mumble playing WoW / Diablo / Battlefield with for 5 evenings out of 7 after my kids go to bed, I wouldn't pay the monthly sub.

    Not to say I don't like the game. I enjoy raiding most of all, but the social community far outweighs it

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    Raids, definitely. I'm not a pve-er but without raid content, this game would be a ghost town within several months.

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    I think questing. I mean, with the beta for Vanilla only having 100 quests for both factions ultimately making Blizzard up the scales quest-wise due to player reaction shows how much questing is an integral part of the game. You can literally go through the game a million times just questing and having no player interaction or environmental discovery and still make it to the highest level; of course difficulty will be there.

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    Raids in general and player interaction. I don't know but i found out that i had the most fun times in the game, where players were engaged to help / quest together. Lore etc. wasn't a real motivator for me, because the best gaming experience was a simple run to stratholme or other dungeons in the early days. I've met a ton of people, had a lot of fun with them. Today, it's very hard to keep this running.

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    I think its world exploration. Lots of games have raids. Better raids than WoW, even. Doesn't do them a damn bit of good. Lots of games have PvP. In fact, it's hard to not have better PvP than WoW. But again, this isn't always enough to fuel the fire. But you know what WoW has that almost no other game has? Great exploration. A world full of wonderful, crazy secrets that takes years upon years to find. Shoot, I just took somebody on a tour of eastern kingdoms the other day. This is his first week of playing WoW. We spent about 4 hours on my field trip. Now, I'm a fanatical lore nerd and I've been playing this game since before BC launched. But you know what? I still found myself saying "the fuck is that!??!" almost as much as he was. Because despite the fact that I've explored more of this game than the vast majority of players, I still haven't come close to seeing all of it.

    There is some crazy shit in Azeroth.

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    Immersion. Or atleast it use to be.

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    It will be different for every person.

    For me, it's Questing. I'd play this game if it had nothing but quests, but I'd have no interest in staying if it had no quests.

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    Loot. RNG loot drops is a type of variable-ratio reinforcement schedule—the best for conditioning habitual behavior. It's the backbone of gambling too.
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    It's a little bit of all of it. I think the core game is questing, exploration, and interaction with others. Other people's answer will be different and they won't be wrong. It's a big game with a lot of different aspects. Pinning it down to just one thing is too limiting.
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    During Vanilla through Wrath I would say dungeons, questing and story. Starting with Argent Tourney in wrath, and picking back up in Cataclysm I would say it's switched to raiding.

    Curse you radio selection! My options are all on the list, but I can't pick just one. I guess I could destill my vote to the core concept of "individual story progress" and pick other.

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    Ever since vanilla Raids have been presented as "THE THING" to do in WoW.

    Every new major content patch - the raids are the most highlighted part, while pvp usually does not get any new BGs/Arenas.

    It is also what the majority of the people subscribe to WoW for, raiding.

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    Roleplay. Its first and foremost since its an RPG game, and be it questing/raiding/PvP/rp for end game is strictly on the player choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    Ever since vanilla Raids have been presented as "THE THING" to do in WoW.

    Every new major content patch - the raids are the most highlighted part, while pvp usually does not get any new BGs/Arenas.

    It is also what the majority of the people subscribe to WoW for, raiding.
    That seems to run contrary to the actual amount of subscribers relative to the percentage of people who raid though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrIvoRobotnik View Post
    Immersion. Or atleast it use to be.
    This, very much this. It used to be immersive and sometimes it gets immersive up until max level. Then it becomes a grind, atleast the last 2 expansions.
    Several reasons for this. But I am not going to beat the flock of dead horses at this hour.

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    Let's not derail this into a "WoW sucks now"-thread, shall we?

    For me, Roleplay is the main thing. But I'm biased, leading a large RP guild.

    Personally I'm a big fan of questing. When a new expansion is out, I love running through the quests, explore the new lore. This combined with exploration are great for me, even more than the raids.

    One thing that isn't on the list is another main thing for me:
    Collection! Mounts, pets, achievements. I love it! Keeps me playing as much as the friends I've gathered, the quests exploration and lore, and raids.

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    raids and before it, dungeons before they became useless

    Dungeons were for people short on time but wanted a great hard/involving experience

    now they are a joke, since mid/late wotlk
    Why are Dungeons and Scenarios mash-fests that take less time than the actual queue or wait list? What a waste of content design...

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