View Poll Results: Do you think Warlords of Draenor is worth your money?

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  • No i dont think so. I quit in cata.

    24 3.32%
  • No i dont think so. I quit before cata.

    3 0.42%
  • No i dont think so. I am quiting in this expansion.

    33 4.57%
  • Yes i play till vanila and i never stoped my sub. I will buy it.

    435 60.25%
  • I did play vanila but i did skip and expansion or 2. So i will buy it.

    139 19.25%
  • I fell betrayed and i will stop supporting this game for good.

    12 1.66%
  • I will quit and try a new game.

    7 0.97%
  • Something else.

    69 9.56%
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    I have been playing since release and very much look forward to this expansion and any that follow it.

    I don't have blinders on and don't think blizz can do no wrong, but I do feel the game has evolved and continues to do so in an engaging way.

    I raid a couple nights a week with a close knit group which has been at it for a while. The game is as good as it ever has been and, while i have quit a couple times in the past for various reasons, I've always come back.

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    i play WoW till Vanilla Closed Beta with a few stops for 3-4 month every xpac and i try every expesion to quit and to start another game its not as easy as it sounds ^^ i will buy WoD for sure, but i will always look for other MMOs. Especially Everquest Next and Wildstar are worth it i think. Only time will tell
    But i think WoD could be a lot fun, cause it could feel like old times... i hope so.

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    I played every expansion but I had, let's say, 16-18 months off in the last 8 years. 3 months now, 2 month then etc

    I want to be able to say "I was there" for all the unique things

    1. Opening of the Dark Portal
    2. Scourge Invasion
    3. Cataclysm
    4. Echo Isles
    5. Spirit of Competition
    6. Exalted Zandalar
    7. Level 60 Onyxia
    8. Leveled all my weapon skills to 400
    9. Hand of A'dal

    Because of things like these, I will play wow (even with breaks) until it's gone.
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    I started playing the day the game was released in Europe. I have taken breaks for a few months here and there but bought and played every expansion. I've been a dedicated raider and a casual player at different various points. I waited with my guild to take turns to enter BRS and get the fire res buff from the mind controlled mob before we entered BWL.

    I'm very excited about WoD. The plot might be a bit far out but not enough to bother me. I like the features they've added. I'm more enthusiastic about my Nelf, who I have played as my main since the minute the servers came up all those years ago, getting an updated model than I would be about a new race. I never really got in to DKs or Monks so a new class wouldn't be a big deal for me.

    Garrisons look great and I think they continue to try and make endgame a more varied prospect. They understand that masses of dailies were dull. Good.

    During every expansion I've felt like it's the best expansion so far. Well, except Cata. Although I feel that Cata needed to happen, so at least that's out the way.

    Oh, and I loved Vanilla, loved it. But I'm not even remotely interested in Vanilla servers or anything. I wouldn't go back there.

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    Playing and raiding since Vanilla. Some changes over the years were for the worse, some were for the better. Overall WoW is still the best MMO out there for me and plenty of my friends. I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

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    Will I get banned for voting and posting if I didn't play Vanilla?

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    I started in Beta 3 and so far I like the new changes.

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    Poll options are vague and flawed, they are not all inclusive mutually exclusive.

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    Vanilla, longtime subscriber. WoD sounds great and like it'll be a change of pace. The lack of knowing who the final boss will be reminds me of the vanilla experience where there wasn't really an 'end boss' but patches adding to the game.

    Basically, WoD feels like Vanilla 2.0 to me at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkura View Post
    Will I get banned for voting and posting if I didn't play Vanilla?
    Burn the heretic!
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    WOD looks amazing, anything to get me out of China.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    WOD looks amazing, anything to get me out of China.
    Same here.

    Pandas and china wrecked it for me. Looking forward to WoD. I'd play WoD even if it wasn't amazing. Anything to get me out of china.

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    Absolutely loved every expansion so far, and Blizzard has gone from strength to strength with the features they've added (and removed) from the game.

    Grand Marshal
    Onyxia's Lair (Level 60)
    The Fifth Element
    WoW's 4th Anniversary
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    Hand of A'dal
    Spirit of Competition
    Champion of the Naaru
    Tabard of the Argent Dawn

    What do I win?
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    Played since vanilla, all expansions with a few months off here and there. WoD is looking much more promissing than cata and mop when they were announced. Not holding my breath or anything but if they managa to pull off everything they've said I think it may be the best expansion at least since wotlk.

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    So 80% of the vanilla players including me think you are wrong and want to play WoD - time to close the thread.

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    I have been playing since vanilla and I enjoyed each expansion that came out so yes I will be buying WoD.
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    Well little Sleepy Time Gamer played a Holy Priest from Vanilla -> Early Cata. Due to college interwebz being teh suckage and the annoying changes to Holy Priests in Cata (hate...hate...hate Chakra), I stopped playing during Cata. Came back right before Throne of Thunder in MoP and leveled up my Brewmaster (which I love). So I will definitely keep playing in WoD. A bit sad with the lack of new classes and races (and no changing graphics doesn't really count to me as a new race) but I will live. Overall I like a lot of the changes since I stopped playing. LFR is great...mostly...for like getting back into raiding...*cough* it's alright...I mean...after I get my cloak I'm never going back...but it was fine...I suppose.

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    Please dont ever make these pointless 'wow is dying threads' again. People like u leaving the game will only do good as opposed to killing the game

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    I think the expansion is going to be amazing. If they play their cards right it can be a treat, really, especially after MoP, which was an expansion full of unknown nobodies on some unknown piece of rock.

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    It looks like a fantastic expansion, I have played since vanilla and it feels new to me, Looks like a lot of good features and a good setting.

    If you don't like it... quit.

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