What do you think of having tag team abilities... like say >>

Mage and Druid combine a spell to make druid go tree form, sprouting apples that when picked/clicked increase X power or some shit for so long or something..
Mage and Warrior combine a spell like um Mage channels Cone of Cold on to Warrior LOLstorm and projects hundreds of icicles in all directions for X dmg or something..
uh um.....
Hunter launches a Deathknight from a catapult, while in the air the death knight lobs ghouls at any enemies, when landing it immediately howling blasts and stuns all enemies and enevelopes the area on death and decay or something..
Rogue copies Priest fear, when rogue goes and shadow dances it pops its ugly face at the enemies and fears them or um

maybe something only useable in Arena or I dunno, im stoned as fekk atm,, having a laugh with my mates thinking up what if wow had this like ;p

oooh also a mage should be able to summon a sheep to use as a mount, or send a sheep to rescue an incapacitated friendly target and bring them to you lol