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    the end of leveling

    i think WoD should be the last bout of leveling in the game. leveling has become a formality for the most part, with so many different ways to get around it/speed through it. It's kind of pointless in many ways. Each expansion introduces a series of new zones that you spend a few hours in at most. so muchg development time devoted to the leveling process seems silly.

    with level 100, they might as well continue to release content and fine tune the system already in place. there's no point in overhauling every game system with every expansion. this would be easier for them, and i think players would like it.

    i really dont want a level 110 character

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    Agree. If they stopped making new leveling content/new continents with each new expac, they would have SOOOO many more resources for end game content.

    I'd rather have an extra raid/scenarios/5mans then have to spend leveling each expac.

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    We have another active thread about this. Please post there.

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